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Friday, 20 August 2021

Sweet Estate Now Sells Land #45,000 Per Plot~NEWSEXTRA

Real estate business is now rampant in nigeria presently, as some affordable once have help the masses to become landlords without stress due to their uniqueness and genuinety, you can buy land as low as #45,000 to 90 thousand naira per plot and we also have #220,000k per acre at Sweet Estate.

Sweet Estate is one of the genuine and trusted real estate company in nigeria, presently, the firm has introduced a way to turn people to landlords due to the affordable lands they are selling across their jurisdiction.

This lands are called low-hanging fruits, you can buy and keep for future reference, you can also buy and use for farm.

According to the director of sweet estate uniques and properties, Ibadan branch Opeyemi Idowu Bismark, "some of us are telling the stories of the house we live presently  built over 20, 30,40 years ago and the prices of those lands  were bought.

Meanwhile, we always thought it is  cheap and the environment was not developed then, the masses also need to join hands together and buy our land at cheapest rate, we choose to neglected the lands that are cheap now because the area are yet to develop.

Meanwhile to buy lands that are cheap now so that our own children can talk about it later in life what an error we are commiting".

To buy your cheap and affordable land in any area  Call or Whatsapp 08169194772 for more information.

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