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Friday, 11 June 2021

Protesters Storm Baale Allen Palace, Expresses Displeasure Over APC Primaries In Ikeja~NEWSEXTRA

A chairmanship aspirant under the platform of the All Progressive Congress in Ikeja local government, alongside two councilorship aspirants from Ward B and C respectively stormed the palace of the Baale of Allen, Chief Bolaji Thomas-jaji who is also the head of Chiefs in Ikeja over what was referred to irregularities that occured in the last All Progressive Congress (APC) local government primaries election to expressed their displeasure over the riging and manipulation by some party faithful.

The chairmanship aspirant, Mustapha Anishere, popularly called 'Asanti Yekini' told the Baale that his people are not happy over the avoidable irregularities that happened in the just concluded primaries and that is why they visited to express their displeasure. He said, "Ikeja is a peaceful area and we don't want to turn it to a violence area like what we have in Agege, oshodi and other violent areas.


"After screening me at the party secretariat, my name and other councilorship aspirants names were missing on the ballot paper used to conduct the election, this is cheating and uncalled for."

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Quadri, the councilorship aspirant from ward B in Ikeja local government in his address urged the Baale to intervene quickly into the matter, "How can i obtain a form and i was told my file was missing and further omitted my name from ballot paper. We urge for our Baale's quick intervention so that we can all continue to live in peace and harmony. Our national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu should please come to our aide, those that are at the party secretariat where we obtain the form should be investigated."

At the same time, Ikeja ward C councilorship aspirant pointed that what happened to them can not be reffered to as democracy but crazydemo. He expressed disappointment as they were deprived of their rights to vote and be voted for.

He said, "I was cleared at the party secretariat, but was shocked to see that my name wasn't on the ballot paper on the election day. We are not going to fold our hands and allow this to go by."

Addressing the protesters, the Baale of Allen, Chief Bolaji Thomas-jaji advised the protesters to remain peaceful and avoid any fight within and outside Ikeja as the necessary quarters will be reached out to. He said that this is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu community and till date, he is still part of the community. The Baale assured that their voice will be heard, he urged them to go home and remain peaceful.

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