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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Ojodu LCDA: Sogunro Youths Warns Against Imposition Of Aspirants, Says The Will Of The People Must Be Respected~NEWSEXTRA

.....Calls On The APC Leadership To Address The Ongoing Brouhaha, Imposition

By Akinwale Kasali

The Sogunro Youth Association, SOYA, has called on the All Progresssives Congress, APC, leadership to listen to voice of the masses and let the votes of the constituents count.

SOYA said that it is disheartening, callous, annoying, abuse of their fundamental Human Rights and disenfranchisement for the APC leadership to Impose a Candidate who is of the minority, against an aspirant that is widely accepted and also won her Ward with a high margin.

The Group said in a democratic setting such imposition shouldn't be tolerated. 

It however condemned the imposition in its entirety that the will of the people must be respected regardless of how influential the imposed aspirant his.

In a statement jointly signed by Kehinde Oyebanji, President of SOYA and Rafiu Ponle, the Assistant Youth Leader of Ward A, said the mandate of Alhaja Kafayat Funmilayo Layeni, KFL, must be respected as the chosen and elected aspirant.

"We frown at the alleged Imposition of Segun Odunmbaku as Candidate of the APC in the forthcoming Chairmanship election in Ojodu LCDA. It is a slap on our Face because the will of the people is not respected.

"As stated in today's protest, it is KFL or nobody because she won the primaries, regardless of what happens in other Wards where Election was disrupted by Hon. Julius Muyiwa Oloro and his accomplice, Hon. Toke Benson. We will not allow our rights and franchise to be tampered upon.

"We trusted Hon. Abiodun James Faleke, the Honourable Member representing Ikeja at the Federal House of Representatives, but he has stand aloof, and hasn't defended our principal, KFL, which puts us in a fix. We expected Hon. Faleke to stand his grand for the will of the people to be respected. It basically shows there is conspiracy which we won't accept.

"KFL is the Pearl of our time and we are ready to stand by her regardless of the situation. She is the Chosen and anointed one. She won the election regardless of the situation that led to the disruption of the Primaries in other Wards.

"In her Mandate we stand. It was said that Hon. Oloro went to the Wards and instigated that the Election should be stopped. If the APC leadership appoints a Chairman what is the essence of an election and campaigning when the ultimate is to appoint.

"This is a first tier of government and you are doing this and the National Chairman of APC is alllegedly vying for Presidency. Video evidence shows that there was purported plan to disrupt the election to make way for the Government Advisory Council, GAC - appointed Candidate.

"It is a well known fact that the APC leader in Lagos State in a true Democratic going as far on National Television claiming he doesn't have a favourite Candidate, lo and behold what would be the basis of picking a winner when there was zero Election in all polling units allegedly.

"It is either there will be a rerun or consensus Candidate", the statement reads.

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