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Sunday, 9 May 2021

Things To Know About Akarah Ebenezer Ulochukwu CEO BTCBARSGROUP~NEWSEXTRA

Brick To Cribs And BARS Group of companies (BTCBARS) has hit the African and international market to raise the bars in real estate, agriculture, entertainment, logistics, finance, and a few other industries.

Although this is a company that was started in 2020 but as it popularly known that it is not how far but how well, BTCBARS has been able to cause a difference in the sectors that it engages in haven studied the industries, and employing the services of highly professional personalities in these sectors.

Owned By Mr. Ulochukwu Ebenezer, who is a very known for his impact in the finance space and is also the Chief Executive Officer for Royal Niger Green Farms Foundation, a foundation with the sole aim of improving the Agricultural Sector by providing aids aimed at SMEs and people at the grassroots, BTCBARS has been confirmed to be in safe hands and capable of becoming the next big thing in the international market.

The services rendered by BTCBARS being a mother company include:

-          BTC BARS (Real Estate) - BTCBARS is an online real estate sales & rental marketplace. We offer primary homestays, vacation & lodgment of an elite tourism affair.

-          AFRI D Ltd - AFRI D is a courier & logistics company that assists consumers in transporting items from one location to another (we offer both inter-state & intra-state delivery).

-           ZL Empire Ltd - ZL Empire houses the entertainment arm of the company with great interests in the Fashion and Music industry. We leverage technological advancements to provide premium services to our audience.

-           AFRI Festival Ltd - AFRI stands for African Financial Revolutionary Innovators. We encourage key players who have impacted the financial sector.

-          Royal Niger Green Farms - Royal Niger Green is an agricultural investment firm that offers an amazing opportunity for individuals from anywhere in the world to sponsor farms and be involved in agriculture, thereby profiting from sales of farm products

In a short while, BTCBARS group of companies has been able to secure some highly exclusive recognition in high places that include state governments, very important personalities, captain of industries, among a host of others.

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