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Thursday, 13 May 2021

C&S Amazing Grace District Begin 7-Thursdays Anointing Service For Supernatural Breakthrough, Healing~NEWSEXTRA

By Akinwale Kasali

The Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, Amazing Grace District has began its 7-Thursdays Special Anointing Service with the theme: "Anointing for Success and Supernatural Healing", aimed at redeeming the lives of People who are undergoing financial difficulties, infirmities and salvation of souls.

Over the years, the Church through its Deliverance Ministry have powered and spearheaded series of live changing programmes targeted for worshippers to experience supernatural and great turnaround in their lives by seeking the face of God, in which this is not an exception.

The Programme commenced on Thursday 13th May, and billed to run till Thursday 24th June, 2021 at the Church Auditorium situated at 103, Alimosho Road, Alaguntan, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos.

At the first week of the program, the Church auditorium was filled to capacity. The Spiritual ambience that resonated amidst the auditorium was electrifying as the worshippers prayed their way to attaining supernatural breakthroughs and healing in a fervent way.

As different Ministers of God mounted the pulpit dishing out series of prayers, the enthusiasm and energy shown by the worshippers was overwhelming, coupled with a resounding Amen, bringing into play the determination and readiness of worshippers to attain successes in their endeavours in life.

Prophet Abiodun Daniel Olufuye who spoke on the topic: 'Efficacy of the Anointing', under the theme of the program said that Anointing is said to break the yoke, but as Christians, we must be wary and conscious of who lay his or her hand on our heads.

He added that our head is a destiny and we should be careful of allowing anybody called 'Pastors or Prophets' to just lay their hands on our destiny.

Dissecting the topic and  speaking extensively on what Anointing means, Olufuye said there are two types of anointing, the visible and invisible Anointing. 

In his words, "A visible anointing is physical and it can come through a servant of God. An example of this is the way Samuel anointed Saul. It was vivid for everyone to see as Samuel poured Oil on him to anoint him and pronounce him as King of Israel.

"Peter was a carrier of God's anointing after the encounter at the Upper Room, where the Spirit of God came on the disciples and they started speaking in diverse tongues. The invisible anointing on Peter's head showed forth at the Beautiful Gate.The Spiritual anointing is not something we can see".

Speaking on the effect of Anointing, Olufuye said that Anointing heals the sick, using the Jarius daughter as an example with the Bible reference of James 6:1-7.

He further stressed that Anointing also restores and recovers our lost, citing King David as an example in the book of first and Second Samuel as an example.

Different topics have been earmarked for the 7-Thursday program under the aforementioned which are; Anointing to Recover All (May 20), Anointing for Success (Breaking yoke of ill-luck on May 27), Balm of Gilead which is going to be an Healing Service (June 3).

Other topics are; Anointing to Prevail over Attacks in Dreams (June 10),  Touch Not Kind of Anointing (June 17) and Anointing for Divine Protection (June 24).

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