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Wednesday, 3 February 2021

The Unmerited Conspiracy Against General Buratai~NEWSEXTRA

Femi Oyewale, President, National Association of Online Security Reporters, NAOSRE, and Yakubu Shendam,  a youth national President and security analyst,  deconstruct the twin evils of betrayals and sell outs in the pursuit of peace in Nigeria in this piece

There's a saying that if you sell your country, even the buyer won't trust you. This is because anyone who has the audacity to sell even his blood can betray the buyer who is not related to him in a more drastic manner. Even though betrayal is everywhere and always a painful experience, to be betrayed by one's  kinsman or country man is the deadliest of betrayals. Sadly enough, most betrayals come from people we know,  people who even kiss our cheeks like Judas Iscariot did to his master.

Like Judas, Betrayals has also perfected the act of betrayal and petty sellout schemes using Civil Society groups as cover. Probably because their price are always a beggarly '30 pieces of silver,' the money doesn't last long and sooner than later they are  back on the street broke and looking for who to sellout to their paymasters for a token. While unsuspecting Nigerians see them as activists, they are nothing but street lads who feeds on breeding insecurity and mischief through their sponsored protests and demonstrations. They appeal to gullible Nigerians who follow them not knowing their antics and motives.

It is not news that a self style group masquerading as a civil society has threatened to drag the immediate past Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen TY Buratai to the International Criminal Court (ICC) on the false claims that the most professional, respected, workaholic, amiable and gallant former COAS ever produced by the Nigerian Army had committed war crimes while in office. This is not only ignoble but also laughable. With his track record, Nigerians can't be decieved into believing  merchants who carries out their activism in absentia.

Last we forget, we  are well aware  of these  groups in Nigeria. We know their  background and everything about them. Yet there's no record whatsoever that links some of their handlers  with any qualification or any work experience. Where then does they get the money to sponsor the expensive lifestyle they  projects on the social media? The answer is simple, they are frauds who gets paid for causing mischief in Nigeria so that they can get funds to lead their  'Hushpuppi' lifestyle in Dubai and any other unsuspecting country that grants them residency. If  they are trying to use this ICC kangaroo case as a ruse to get money from the  former Chief of Army Staff then they have  lost out completely. Lt Gen TY Buratai did not negotiate with terrorists  in office and can not do business  with street urchins either.

Everybody know that the former service chiefs especially the COAS did extremely well while in office. Before assumption of office, many parts of the country especially the North East and South East were in the hands of different terrorists and sessionist groups. The Nigerian flag was removed in many parts of the North East and replaced with Boko Haram flag. Nothing could be done until the assumption of Lt. Gen TY Buratai who waved the magic wand and cleared the terrorists away from Nigeria into perpetual hiding. The records are there for everyone to see. Where were they and their  sponsors when  Bandits held Nigeria hostage and hosted flags on Nigerian soil?

The voluntary resignation of the service chiefs came when the ovation was loudest. These gentlemen decided to bow out not because they could not deliver to their nation. They did that even though they had done so much for their country and were  still doing extremely well. They must therefore, be celebrated as heroes by all well meaning Nigerians and not to be threatened by street lads who feed fat on insecurity and mischief. 

Nigerians must know that security is everybody's business and strive to work hard to support security efforts instead of listening to people who speak only when they're hungry and looking for money to foot their lavish lifestyle. Like I have always insist these self acclaimed human rights crusaders deserves to face prosecution for making inciting comments and causing resentments amongst Nigerians without any justification.

Nigerians must note that there's no Civil Society group that is working with any of these people anywhere except the faceless phrase they hides under. No Civil Society group will want to partner with one whose interests is bent on destroying their country and dragging peoples' reputation in mud for self  gains. If at all there are any Civil Society groups with the intention of suing the former COAS, what are their names? The answer is, there's none and there won't be any because every Nigerian is aware of how insecurity was decimated to the barest minimum and the professional disposition of Army personnel under Gen Buratai.

These persons and their gang of traitors must remember that like Judas, blood money comes with great consequences and regret. They must desist from feeding their greed on peoples' hard earned reputations and at the expense of their country.

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