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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

BIGI APPLE SAGA: Nigerians Question Product’s Authenticity, Company responds~NEWSEXTRA  


There has been an uproar on the social media and offline over the authenticity of one of rite foods limited products, Bigi Apple, as Nigerians couldn’t discern the original product.


The social media space has been filled with pictures of two different bottles of the said product, one having a very light colored content while the other has a deeper colour. It has also been discovered that the taste of both drinks differs from each other.

This according to some Nigerians has thrown a lot of people into confusion and many are considering stopping the consumption of the product, although, no casualty has been recorded yet.


TrixxNG gathered that despite frequent complaints expressed by consumers of Bigi Apple about this development to the manufacturing company, none of it has been given an official response until yesterday when a statement was made via the company’s Twitter handle. This according to some, gives a bad impression of the company.


Over the weekend, Trixx NG also sampled the opinion of consumers of the product. Some are of the opinion that the product now pose a threat to their health as they are finding it difficult to differentiate between the original from the fake


According to the statement made available on its Twitter handle, Rite Foods Limited,  manufacturer of Bigi Apple claimed that all efforts to retrieve the alleged product and get physical evidence of the claim has been abortive. Nevertheless, it promises to keep looking out for the evidence, if at all it exists. The piece went on to assure consumers of the quality of the product until there is substantial proof of the claims.


‘’We have wasted no time in reaching out to the source of the claim, sparing no efforts to retrieve the alleged product in order for us to complete a holistic investigation. Unfortunately, the efforts have proven abortive because the complainant has not been able to provide the physical evidence of the claim. Nevertheless, our thorough investigations continue until we get to the root of the matter’’

However, the response given didn’t answer the numerous questions raised, as to which exactly is the company’s product and which should the users consume, thereby leaving consumers in more confusion.

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