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Sunday, 13 December 2020

Longrich donates foodstuffs, other relief materials to orphanage, disabilities~NEWSEXTRA

In the quest of complimenting the government's efforts of making society free from crime and other related vices, the Longrich International Company donated food items and Longrich household items to Love Home Orphanage, Living Fountain orphanage homes and Pacelli home for the Blind, all in Lagos State.

The company represented by its senior management led by the Managing Director International, Mr Alex Jia, the Black’ 5 Star Director, Titilope Olubisi Ejimagwa and 'Black' 4 Star Director, Seun Oshofisan.

Speaking at the event, Mr Alex Jia explained the gesture is part of the company's corporate social responsibility of giving back to society and a way of identifying with orphanage children.  

He said "The company find it necessary to extends love to motherless and fatherless people including the disabilities. We are not only doing this because of festive period but a regular projects. The company have been impacting lives not only in Lagos but across the Nigeria and entire world and it will continue the good gestures to enable the orphanage children have a good living and better future. Longrich is a God's sent company to provide solutions to entire world's needs. Better lives, better future is what we are preaching," he said.

Speaking further Mrs Ejimagwa, said Longrich culture is about giving and impacting lives positively. She added that the company have over decade engaged humanitarian service provider across the whole world.

She stated that Longrich company reached out to communities through the donation of several palliatives during that COVID-19 period to cushion the effect of the pandemic in the society. She stressed that the company decided to extend the love to the orphanages to enable them have a better and enjoyable festive mood during the Christmas and new year celebrations.

"There is hunger in the country, even those that are working are inadequate to provide everything necessary for better living within their household left to talk of those that are handicapped and they didn't have anybody that can cater for them.

"I think its time for everybody to go out there and replicate this to enable the needies feel sense of belongings in the society. 

"Longrich mission is about touching lives and as of today, it has helped over two million Nigerians out of poverty. Infact, over a million Nigerians are earning little monthly through this platform. It could be better if other cooperate organisations, governments and well-meaning individuals could emulate this, supporting the orphanage homes to enable the society free from crime related issues," she added.

While disclosing brief about the company, Mr Oshofisan said Longrich International Company is a global manufacturing company that produced the daily households daily consumption. "What people spend money on regularly, from daily needs to household needs, baby care items, skin care items and health care supplement even time and financial needs as well.

"Longrich has over 2000 products from eight different categories such as: Cosmetics, Health careproducts, Household equipment, Furniture, Real Estate and Logistics.

"Longrich is not only a manufacturer, it is a company that has been touching and impacting lives over some years. It always giving opportunity to people to switch brand and share profit with them, which means people can be empowered and earn regular weekly income through the use of their daily needs such as soap, sanitary pad, body cream, shampoo, baby diapers and everything people use in their various homes. 

"People should not only spending money on what they need but on what would definitely bring back money into their pocket, something that would enable them empower others in the society. Most of the successful people in the world are those that give people solutions to all what they need. Longrich is a solutions provider," he said.

He stated that the company deemed it fit with not only extending people that can spend money but the needies, "the children that can not even afford to put food in their mouth. Children that can not call daddy and mummy. The company's touching, helping and empowering have been positively impacting Nigerians and entire world. It has touch lives of many people. It has empower over 20 million people globally and they have been getting incomes on daily/weekly basis. They were also getting their daily/household needs and even health freedom in terms of the company's products which have been free them from the boundage of cancer and lots of terminal ailments. 

The matron of Living Fountain orphanage, Victoria Solomon, thanked the company and its entire officials for the wonderful love of putting smiles in the children's faces during the festive season.

She said: "On behalf of the founder, staff and entire children of this home, I appreciate and say a big thank you to the company. This is more than Christmas gifts, it will go a long way in meeting the needs of the children who doesn't have anybody to cater and provide for their needs." 

The home which has been in existence since 2007, the matron appealed to other cooperate organisations, individuals and government to emulate Longrich, saying its the only way the children can have access to better future and as well reduce crime and criminality in the society.

She said Longrich products have been the major products using in the home and it had been helping in caring for the children. She thanked the company over the donation and prayed for the continuous growth of the company and the entire staffs.

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