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Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Excite SME Training: Understanding Customer needs, sure pathway to SME success~NEWSEXTRA

Anurika Azubuike, the Lead Expert at Marketplace Alchemy has called on entrepreneurs to understand the needs of their customers as that is the pathway to profitability for them.

Azubuike said the difference between a sustainable business and those that collapse after a while is the attention paid to understanding and meeting the needs of their respective customers who are the bedrock of the business.

She said this at the second edition of the weekly capacity webinar organized by Excite Enterprise for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), with the theme, ‘’Growing Your Small Business through Understanding the Needs of the Customer”.

She said knowing the customer base will help the business owners reach more consumers through recommendations from satisfied customers, build their brand sales, improve rendered services, and scale their potentials. 

Bolaji Okusaga, a Director at Excite Enterprise, said any entrepreneur that doesn’t understand the customer is not ready to be in business as a lot of the innovations we see today came into being as a response to the yearnings of the consumers.

Okusaga said the only way the economy can grow is through the provision of jobs to the citizenry and this can only happen if the SME narrative changes, and if processes are in a place where things are simple, then there will be massive employment opportunities for everyone.
He said Excite Enterprise as a fully digital Business Development and Enterprise solutions provider came into being to tackle the various issues affecting the MSMEs.

Aside from being a simplified platform that business owners can leverage on to grow their business, Okusaga, the CEO of Precise Platforms, a reputable public relations agency in the country, said that by organizing weekly capacity building for the SME operators, they can live up to their reputation and reduce the level of unemployment in the country.

He said the training will run till the 21st of December and will include insights and tips from reputable industry experts that will foster the growth and development of the players in the sector.

Excite Enterprise, he explained, provides innovative services to develop and deepen markets for MSMEs, thus providing entrepreneurs across the business space an opportunity to reach consumers; boost brand names, sales, competitiveness, and improve rendered services. These businesses will not only be able to access funding to scale up their potentials through the platform it will also have entry to a bigger market. 

He said Excite Enterprise has every feature needed for every SME to succeed as through navigating its website, each business owner can be able to meet agencies that can facilitate fund for it, do bookkeeping, build personal websites and engage influencers in marketing its products.

He said there is also a recruitment and training tool on the platform, where prospective employers can meet the right fit.

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