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Monday, 30 November 2020

Excite Enterprise Will Create Solution To Problems Of SMEs, Boost Small Scale Businesses~NEWSEXTRA

A lot of businesses have over the years failed to strive and grow due to the neglect, support and lackadaisical approach of the government.

This businesses either wind up and go into extinction due to government policies  and majorly finance.

The President Muhammadu  Buhari administration before and after the 2019 Presidential Election embarked in promoting  Small and Medium Enterprise,  by giving out sizeable funds for business owners. This how failed to addresss and help SMEs due to lack of economy and business structure.

In changing the narratives and giving Small and Medium Enterprise and Medium and Small Scale Enterprise business something to cheer about, Excite Enterprise, a One Stop Shop Solution, an integrated platform  for the growth and development of SMEs and MSMEs is set to change  the nation’s business landscape.

The Organisation is set to provide business solutions to business owners ranging from Business Productivity,  Financial Solution, Business Skills and Information,  Legal Difficulties as regards  business  and Finding Customers for the growth and development of businesses.

Its primary aim is to help small businesses grow by giving out loans, with payback rates low and seamlessly easy for business owners.

Bolaji Okusaga, the brain behind this initiative said that Excite Enterpise came on board to give small business owners hope and opportunity to develop.

He stressed that the Nigeria economy  is not too deep because of lack of structure, and no economy grows  without prioritizing small businesses.

Okusaga added that the nation’s economy has failed to drive export trade, which birthed the Organization  for a strategic drive in boosting small businesses.
“The nation has an uncoordinated and structural business environments, which has made the government’s innovation in assisting small businesses”.

The Organizationis in partnership with an International Organization  called Mobinet Group, whose financial intervention is targeted in boosting small businesses in the country.

In a Virtual Press Conference held on Monday 30th November, 2020, the Chief Technology Officer of Excite Enterprise,  Chukwuonoso Ukwandu, said that Organization is bent on bringing a new face in small businesses by giving out loans and working closely with business owners by creating a platform whereby their day to day business activities is documented,  their Business Plan is followed to the letter and their Business Skills is broadened.
“Before we give out loans, we do a verification exercise on your business.  You must have registered your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission before coming on board. We will also do a background check. After bringing a Business owner on board, we create a mini site for them where there is book keeping analysis of business activities on a daily basis,  invoicing tools, and also influnce your business on the Social Media handles to boost and promote your business”.

Andrew Otiko of Mobinet Group, the major partner of Excite Enterprise said that targeting Small business is key to the development and growth of any,  this he said made Mobinet Group partner in this initiative.

He said if small businesses receive a great boost, it will be able to access bigger market seamlessly.

Otiko stressed that the major thing is that if small business owners collect loan and pay back, it will optimize business potentials and further boost the market.

Okusaga added that the Organization is spreading it’s tentacles to be known by using the media to propagate the organization’s service to small business owners and also deploying a Face to Face interaction with business owners in introducing its goods and  services.

“We know it is a gradual process, by 2021 we are targeting 1 million small businesses to have benefited.  We are not just doing out cash. Those  business owners that will get loans would have been scrutinized. Their business status and qualifications must be ascertained and must be duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, with detailed business plans. We are targeting 2-3 million SMEs”, Okusaga revealed.

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