Monday, 5 October 2020


Our indefatigable Teachers and colleagues in this noble profession.

 On behalf of Lagos State Executive , I salute you specially on this great day, our day, the Teachers' Day.

 It is very clear that the future of this world is truly in the teachers' hands. No matter the storm, no matter the societal's perception about us,  please do not compromise your  profession, because we are the mirror of the society. Therefore, always hold on to the rays of hope. We shall surely never be let down.

 Definitely, I can not thank you enough for your undaunted support during the Covid-19 pandemic that shook the whole world to its root. For Almighty God to have given us the Grace to survive those critical and agonizing periods, dear friends, it is enough reason to thank God and to be grateful unto Him. Your unalloyed cooperation,  understanding and prayers have actually provided great and positive impacts in the system. In fact, the amount of your contributions morally, psychologically even more to the children's life are something that cannot be quantified or explained in words
Our debt of gratitude goes to our great teachers, coordinators and Management staff who made learning to be in  continuous process through online teaching inspite of COVID-19 which is the most destraction to educational sector in history. You are greatly appreciated and may God rewards you bountifully.

  The achievements made so far in Private Schools is not without your immeasurable contributions in all facet. You are part of our big dream and also the resources to achieve the dream. You have been an amazing role models to the learners by always willing and ready to be an agent for providing total quality educational service for them. No wonder, we have majority of our old students making giant strides in every sector in life.  You only deserve the best no doubt.  You are the spark, the inspiration, the guide and the candle that have made the achievements to be possible . We hold you in high  esteem and we are more than grateful for your amazing collective efforts put together to reach this pedestal.
Excellent educators and guardians, let me reiterate our members'  commitment in improving  welfarism to our teachers in all our schools. On a gradual process, by the Grace of God, we are bringing back the 'good old days' as much as God gives us the capability.  More of your dedication, commitment, discipline and understanding are highly needed  for optimum execution of our laid down laudable plans.

Once again,  thanks for your cooperation and for keeping the vision alive. Wishing you joy and happiness in this unique celebration. 

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