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Monday, 26 October 2020

Rita Okoro needs three million naira to live a normal life~NEWSEXTRA

A primary four pupil of Toomore school, pipeline road in Ilorin Kwara state, Rita Okoro, with congenital abnormality is in dire need of financial help for her to live a normal life. 

Speaking with newsmen at the weekend, the mother of the girl, Mary Okoro, said her daughter was born with several congenital abnormality. 

In her words, “When I gave birth to her, we realized that many things were not in their right places. For an example, her feet were facing backwards, the fingers of her two hands were in fists and her toes webbed. We did everything we could as parents and we were able to make her feet face front.

“The doctors told us to come back when she is two or three years to correct the fisted hands and webbed feet but there was no money. We didn’t even have enough to eat and help wasn’t coming from any angle and that’s why we couldn’t go back for the surgery until Mama Joliweb came to our rescue.

“Mama gave us hope that, with the help of God through kindhearted individuals, it can be done and so far, we have started but we still need over three million for the surgery to be complete.”   

On why she decided to take up the task, the CEO/founder of Joliweb Home Foundation, Dr. Cecila Etchie explained that, “I was invited for a program at Toomore, a school renowned for admitting special children and that was where I came across her. I observed as she laboured to open her water bottle to drink water and offered to help her but she declined my help. 

“It was at a closer look that I saw her fingers moving underneath the covering skin and that aroused my curiosity. I took her pictures and decided to talk to doctors. What I was thinking as a layman was that I have seen people with cleft lips been reconstructed and that was why I took interest in her case with the hope that it would be possible to release some fingers so that she will be able to live a semblance of a normal life that’s why I took up the task.”

Speaking further, the one-time HOD of Fine and Applied  Arts Education in the Kwara state college of Education, Ilorin stated that, “As a mother, I know that her parents, siblings and friends will not be there for her for ever so there is an urgent need to start preparing her to be independent so she can do some basic things for herself.
“So far, we have done series of scans on her and just few days ago, the operation for her hands was done at the University Teaching Hospital and we are waiting for the outcome. We urge Nigerians to come to our aid to assist Rita in living a normal life. Our account number is 0035424142 and the name is Joliweb Home Foundation with Guaranty Trust Bank.”
On the challenges being faced by Rita, her mother, Mrs. Okoro disclosed that, “She (Rita) finds it difficult to bath very well and after using the toilet can’t clean herself well. Also, she can’t wear her cloths by herself because apart from the hands and legs she also has a stiff elbow and need nasal surgery.”

N.B: Anyone interested in assisting or want to physically see Rita Okoro can call Dr. Etechi on 08035383566.

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