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Tuesday, 20 October 2020


What a beautiful procession to behold !! Whenever I see able Nigerian Youth fighting for their rights,I do feel happy seeing better days ahead.But there is a man in me that always advises me not to be carried away with such sights at all. The man always reminds me that, in countless times, protests have been organized  in Nigeria with almost little or no suceess at all.

That fateful day , I was taken aback, thinking of the different kinds of names , I would be called by other Nigerians.
I thought some people would call me traitor, others might go for rebel, some might say I was stupid among other names simply because I deviated from the routes which a significant number of Nigerians were taking.I queried him  while I was asking him to substantiate his points. He contended that we should forget what about  happened in 1960 and '70s . He pointed out that  we should restrict our arguments to what has been happening since 1990s up to this moment.

I asked him 'ok can you give me some examples?' Before he answered my question  he took a sigh of relief and dragged the saliva which I directed to visit my esophagus, with me. I was subjected under my fate and became an object of instructions,not destruction.

He pointed at the protests over  June 12 ( as it is being called). He also directed my attention towards what happened over an agitation on Abiola' s freedom among others.

Because I did not want it to appear as if he had defeated me, I situated the period under military administration. 

He accepted and jolted me to see beyond my narrow perspectives. He sighted the issues of incessant hikes in petroleum prices during Obasanjo' s Administration. He described the period as a time when Nigeria was being driven to her  cesspool. He saluted the courage and stance of Adams Oshiomole and described him as as the real fighter of human rights then. He added that the man loved humanity then but now, because he had been overwhelmed by the aura of powers ,he had lost his focus and began looking for relevance which he ought had  built over the years.

Angrily,he cut me short when I was about to talk. He said he would prefer if Nigerians had protested when our currency was astronomically climbing  rader from # 50 to 1000.
He looked at my eyes and asked whether USA has $1000. I said' no' . And he suggested,if something urgent is not done better still holistic monetary approach is  not adopted and applied, our political-economic would be regressing, while we shall, erroneously, think that is progressing as a result of fabricated and unrealistic inflation growth figures, which only political elites understand how they are able to fathom those inflationary figures.

At this period, I decided to pay close attention to him and his statement and decided to ruminate over his submission. As of he was not bother about my sudden change of my action. He continued and dwell so much on Jonathan' s administration. 

He said that  protests was used to destroy Jonathan's Government.He came up with series of protests and held on to  the removal of fuel subsidy and abduction of Chibok Secondary Students as the two prominent PR kits that destroyed Jonathan's Government. 

He added that, except June 12 and some other few protests which were genuinely carried because of Nigerians. Others that were carried out after those ones, especially, during Jonathan's Administration, were  orchestrated by political animals that pretended as if they were fighting for human' s interest or Nigerians' interests. He remained of the period when ' bring our girls advocate' which was led by former minister,  barricaded everywhere, including Abuja, while some  Nigerians were in their support. Some of those Nigerians thought that they ( the so -called   human right advocates) were fighting for the interest of those kidnapped Nigerians Girls and bad governance..Some  Nigerians, subsequently, realized that most of them were working for the current government in power.

At that period, I was lost thinking of either way to go.Abruptly, I left the scene and stayed in a place to think about what my inner man had told me.

Sir I may be right and wrong. I may be right if the time which the late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo had prophesied that we must fight for ourselves if we were to get out of the political quagmire which wrong policies under incompatible system has caused us.  

I may also be wrong if at the ends of I, with very few who are not part of the plan( s) discover that this protests have political undertones. I, with those people, will not only loose interest in the system alone but also in Nigerian Youth. 

Fighting for your right or recognition is not alien to man. We cannot say, we are practising democracy and be trampled upon the rights of the people. Nigeria is one of the few country which does not understand its political system.

It is incontrovertible that SARS were one of the critical government institutions in nation building and maintaining laws and others.

But SARS, which ought to  present as a responsive and responsible government agency, goofed when they brought Nigerian Societal Values and Culture( corruption) into their operations, at the detriment of professionalism.

It is sucidal if an individual,a group or media organizations situate the  Nigerian Problems under Buhari ' s Administration. If you believe such notions, it shows that you can hardly see beyond your narrow prism. Because all these issues, which we are currently fighting for, have been threatening the cooperate existence of our country ( see: 1957 Gentry Willink' Commission)

Sirs we should not restrict ourselves to end SARS alone. We have insisted that SARS should be disbanbaded while SWAT should not be put in place now. 

We should realize that SARS is one  of the departments under police force. We appreciate God for giving us victory over impunity of SARS. 

Let us assume that tomorrow one of the national security outfits does anything, are we 
still going to tell the appropriate authority to band such as well? 

Sirs,  we need reforms in this country. Sirs , we need to sanitize our system.Sirs,we should use these protests to call for structuring, instead of merely agitating for ends of SARS which take an insignificant portion out several government agencies and arms of governments which wallowing and rotten in Nigerian Societal Values and Norms which are corruption and impunity.

If we insist on only ends SARS what about our ( including you and me) age- long understanding of our social and political systems which is centered on get rich syndrome.

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