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Wednesday, 21 October 2020


The Prelate of Methodist Church In Nigeria, His Eminence Dr Samuel Emeka Kanu Uche, JP has urged the the President Of Federal Republic Of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari to address the nation and put an end to the protest.

His Speech Below

I want to speak on the ongoing #endsars protests. Honestly, I pity our young people who have been so deprived of the wealth of the nation. I know that many of them who finished school carrying various degrees, from PhD to school certificate, have no job doing because the elderly group have taken over all the positions - politically, socially, economically -, all the old people are the ones occupying those places while  the youth have been deprived of means of livelihood. They have been traumatized, and have been pushed to the wall to the extent of depression. So I am not surprised on the #endsars protests. The protest is normal but it is becoming abnormal.

While I support the ongoing protests, which initially started peacefully, I want to say that the youths should exercise restraint and tread with caution. Nobody likes what has happened to Nigeria. Nobody likes what has happened to the youths. Nobody likes the brutality of the police and other segments of the armed forces against innocent people in Nigeria. The rule of law is no longer allowed to hold sway. But in all the strata of society, the rule of law is no longer carried out. There is so much infringement on peoples rights and people are acting with impunity. Be that as it may, I want every true citizen to know that we want one Nigeria and United Nation as God has brought us together since 1914. Let us see this as an act of God. I will never support any attempt to divide Nigeria but the truth is that Nigeria is overdue for meaningful structuring. 

On the demands of the youths, the Federal Government has ceded and yielded to their requests to end SARS and to end police brutality but I want the Federal Government to go further and actually assure the youths that they will provide jobs, and that jumbo salaries of Legislators will be cut to size to reserve money that will create room for employment; that roads will be fixed; that water will be provided; that electricity which has improved will continue like that, and that food will be on the table of every Nigerian. These are the things the youths are looking for. And no other person should make this broadcast than the President. The President of our nation should address these issues. Let me assure the President that most Church leaders are not among those who are saying that he should go. He should complete his tenure but posterity would hold him responsible if Nigeria remains the way it is while he is there because the Nigeria is presiding over is a Nigeria that is nose-diving on daily basis. He should do everything to hit the ground running; let Nigeria of our dream come back, and also let all the election promises he made during his campaigns in 2014/15 and 2018/19  be fulfilled. In fact, provision should be made to create two million jobs in each of 2021, 2022 and 2023 respectively to engage our young people who are currently idle because an idle mind is devils workshop. The Federal Government should also endeavor to mitigate the incidence of intensive strikes by academic unions and industrial unions. This will engender a stable polity.

Furthermore, the Constitution of Nigeria should be amended to discourage those who are above Seventy years from seeking appointive or elective offices to allow for the teaming qualified young people occupy the vacant positions available. 

In conclusion, Nigeria, while remaining one, needs restructuring. When everybody is comfortable, nobody will ask for division of Nigeria; there'll be no emphasis on North and South divide. In the area of  appointments, let Mr President boldly dissolve some of the positions already put in place and make sure that every geo-political zone is represented in his government. On security, every interest should be represented. This will allay the fears of many since we are one Nigeria. By way of emphasis, let appointment of Security and Para Military agencies reflect federal character/geographical spread. I am saying this because I remain an unbiased and impartial patriot. I am also saying this because I don't belong to any political party. I am not equally against any political party. I am for all political parties. And as a father in this nation, I believe in love, fairness, equity, justice, righteousness. Let everything be done righteously, and everybody will see that justice is being done. This will bring hope and assurance of safety to all.  

Finally, on the recruitments of our Police men/women, I am proposing that the Federal Government should allow senior clerics and traditional rulers to be recommending members of the public, who are willing to join the Nigeria Police Force, through the Local Government and to the State before they go for their training in order to screen off  bad people that are joining  the Police Force. Likewise, there should be constant and periodical mental medical check-ups for all rank and file among the security agencies, especially the Police. The government needs to improve their wages, and their living condition (welfare) should also be given top priority in order to reduce the rates of police brutality, torture and extortion of money from the citizens.

Let me assure the government that all these agitations will stop when the right things are done, but if they are not done, this is just a tip of the iceberg of what might happen in the future. So let us be wise and behave responsibly. By the grace of God all will be well. I pray that Nigeria will come to know and embrace peace, joy and progress in Jesus name, Amen!

I pray for the youths because I know they have been provoked but God will speak sense into them, and will let them give the government the needed chance to attend to some of or all their demands. We pray that these youths who have graduated from various fields should be empowered by government, and they will have a share in the national cake. Let God restore peace to our country as we pray in Jesus name, Amen!

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