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Friday, 16 October 2020



In summary,what brought Nigeria to its current political stage was individualistic tendencies of our political forefathers.

They paid little or almost no attention to the ethnic differences of the three regions that had almost nothing in common, except tiny or slight traces of  intrinsic religious beliefs, which they( not us) had been claiming over the years, that were contradictory in natures and applications.

The establishment of National Youth Movement in 1936 brought almost all the elders in the country, under one political umbrella. They were aware of their individuality but they managed one another, with the aim of neutralizing colonial influence in Nigeria.

The spirit of neutralizing colonial influence made, some notable Nigerians, established National Council of Nigeria and Cameroon (NCNC), in 1944. The establishment of NCNC still contributed in promoting temporary alliance among our leaders. During that period, Northern Region was almost no where to be found in Nigerian Political System.

But the introduction of 'Regionalism' by Richard' s Administration, in 1944, changed the narrative. It can be derived from  The rationale behind the introduction of Regionalism and aftermath political wrangling in Nigeria, that  Northern Region which was not so politically active in Nigeria,was brought into Legislative Council to implement two  colonial agenda. 

One of the angeda was to sustain colonial hegemony in Nigeria, since that period up to the period, when Nigerians would be matured enough to review and  address their political shortcomings . The plan was so creatively designed that in all ramifications, the Northen Region 'shall' perpetually dominate our political and military systems and outfits.The  Northern Region had loosed political arrangements couched under centralised political system. The loosed political system in the North gave colonialists wide spectrum to perpetually control Nigerian Political destiny. 

The second one was to ensure that  
 Our leaders,who had ones have almost impenetrable nationalistic tendencies, lost that cohesive fervor and began looking at things from their mere  regional perspectives. 

After the death of 'the father of Nigerian Nationalism ( Herbert Macaulay), in 1946, all the regional leaders could not cope with domineering attribute  of Nnamdi Azikwe, and left the party in droves.
In 1949,Northern Peoples Congress was established. The party strictly protected the Northen interest and ignored all extraneous distractions,opinions and perception. The Western Region followed suits, in 1951,when Action Group was established.  Establishments of these parties regionalised NCNC,which had earlier been described as the first political party to have enjoyed national outlook, in Nigeria. Those three frontline parties were fighting for the interest of their respective regions.

When John Stuart McPherson gave regional autonomy to the regional governments, all of them instited on managing regional resources in their respective regions.

During that period, all our leaders had seen the end of colonialism in Nigeria. They all applied different strategies to consolidate their leadership not only in their regions and outside of their regions.

Awolowo and his lieutenants jettisoned British' s Political System and embraced socialism . The introduction of new concept into Nigerian Political System was perceived by the colonists, as an attempt to destroy, subsequent issues that might threaten the corporate existence of Nigeria. It could observed from the response of John McPherson after Anthony Enahoro introduced self - motion in 1953. McPherson apportioned the blame on Baba Awo.

But when Baba was about to defend himself on NBS, he was disallowed that was what brought television laws out of exclusive list to the concurrent list.

Nnamdi Azikwe fixed his gaze on being the Africa Leader. He also assiduously worked in protecting his regions. Because of his misplaced priority, he was the only national leaders who was not elected into the  House of Representatives.

Ahamadu Bello,tirelessly, defended Northern interest. He basked in euphoria of having the colonial masters in all ramifications plus lopsided political arrangements which had given Northern Region undue political advantage over other regions in the country.

Afterwards, Northen Region along with its cohorts in the  Southern Region which  are under the control of colonial master  (up till now) has been hiding under aegis of National Interest.

West Region  embraced socialism while Northern Region held to capitalism which people had been used to. Being a novel political ideas made the people in South West saw Awolowo as the man who could lead them to promised Land. South West served as a role  model to other regions which could not get out colonial shackles.

 An Astronomical growth of Baba Awo in West Region made  colonial masters perceived that if Baba Awolowo should be  allowed to go on with his idea , Nigerians were going to be exposed to havoc  which colonialism had wreaked and its d efects, later in,Nigerian Political System, ( all the books he wrote can testify to his ideology). 

Perceiving that, Colonial masters with assistance of Northern interest prevented him from being declared as the president. Since Ahamadu Bello through Tafawa Balewa( the then Prime Minister) held on to capitalism while Awo with his lieutenants ( before the party politics between him and some of his former lieutenants) belived in socialism, there was no how, he cloud have been elected. 

Zik of Africa stood between bipolar ideologies.

It must be emphasized since then except, we want to deceive one another North has been dominating our political system. We must remember that the leadership of this country has majorly been oscillating between Northern and Western Regions. While the identities and the rights of other regions have  been given little or no recognition at all under this contraption.

Sirs, now, have we not matured enough to do away with primitive political structures created by colonial masters before independence? Sirs, what is the value of education, which is arranged along colonial masters' ideas, that still held us down  under neo- colonialism? Are we into real political system or we are into political charade?

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