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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

"Stop parading yourself as Baale" - Elders Of Itedo Community warns John Ogunyemi~NEWSEXTRA

The council of elders and the entire residents of Itedo Community have rose  to kick against the display of arrogance and parading of  self of one John Ogunyemi as a self-acclaimed Baale of the Itedo Community. 

According to information, He started displaying himself as soon as the Baale of Itedo community Rev. Zebulon Harrison died sometime ago in 2018 . 

John Ogunyemi who does not have any ancestral  root in Itedo community bought allies to foster his self-induce mission. 

Many states in Nigeria pride themselves on their respect for traditional ruling institutions in the country. Traditional ruling institutions are an important part of  our national history and an intricate part of life in 21st century west Africa. 

Governments far and wide have conceded to the influent poised by the tradition ruling institution and customary laws.

The obas and chiefs laws of Lagos state, enacted in 1981 is a law that regulated the selection appointment and recognition of obas and chiefs in Lagos state as well as governing other issues connected to same. As such succession is based on direct lineage.     

According to the native and custom law of Itedo community which comprises of 4 branches namely :
Haarrison Ikuegbowo family 
Solomon Oroale family
McLean Megba Family
Oduwole ogunsade family 
Respectively are the bonafide and recognized family that has been ruling and overseeing the affairs of the Itedo community since 1856 during the “Alakoso era”.  

Sometime in 2019 John Ogunyemi claimed to have had letter from Oba Saheed Elegushi nominating him as the Baale of Itedo during a coronation ceremony that took place somewhere in Ikate Community. 

There has not been any nomination or recommendation by the Itedo Council of Elders for John Ogunyemi to be the Baale whatsoever.  

When he approached the Eti-Osa Local Government Chieftaincy Affairs office in his usual lobbying nature to get a statutory certificate of recognition in order continue his show of shame, his mission to becoming Baale of Itedo community was jeopardized through a legal summon that tamed his ego.

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