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Monday, 17 August 2020

Why Oke Ogun Should Be The Next ABK NORTH Local Government Chairman~NEWSEXTRA

The Abeokuta North Local Government Chairmanship Aspirant Honorable Adesina Adeyemi popularly known as (motun) has boosted that he will be the first Abeokuta North Local Government Chairman From Oke Ogun.

He said i am concerned about the welfare of my people from Oke Ogun and Abeokuta North as a whole, since all this while both past administration and present Government have not considered Oke Ogun to hold any political position.

"Adesina while addressing his people last in a naming ceremony of one of his strong followers Imam Hammed Abdul Yekinni last week said it is time for Oke Ogun to be the next local government chairman of Abeokuta North and he will received any appointment as compensation because it's high time oke Ogun hold polical office".

 People of good conscience must continue to speak up because an injustice done to one is an injustice to all. Still advancing the reasons why an Oke Ogun man should be the next democratically elected Chairman of Abeokuta North.
Apart from the fact that an Oke Ogun man has not had the opportunity of ruling Abeokuta North as an elected Council Chairman since 1999 4th republic, even the current distribution of political offices under this current government has not favoured Oke Ogun at all. This is the more reason why people like we will continue to talk and appeal to the conscience of the leaders and the followers at large. 

Here is the analysis of an Owu man from Abeokuta North who he is also in support that Oke Ogun should be considered to be the next. Abeokuta North local government chairman.

Party Chairman- Alh Akeem Shobayo- Gbagura ward 9

State Organizing Secretary - Alh Adeyemi Adelani Igwe - Oke Ona ward 2

State Assistant Auditor- Hon Monsuru Ayo Abioye - Gbagura ward 8

Senatorial Secretary - Hon Wale Abeeb Ajayi - Gbagura ward 6. 

These people are directly and indirectly state officers of the party. Oke Ogun is not represented here.


Hon Taiwo Oludotun- Commissioner for rural development- Owu ward eleven.

Hon Lukmon Femi Adiro- Commissioner 1 local government service commission - Oke Ona ward 1

Hon Gbenga Adeshina (Bibire) - Special Adviser to the Government on Revenue- Gbagura ward 9

Alhaja Faidat Akintunde- member Market development board - Gbagura ward 8

Mr Kola Makinde - OSAMCA board-  Owu ward eleven

Mrs Abosede Akande villae - member Alternative medicine board - Owu ward eleven

Dr Sunday Oluniyi Akintona - member Hospital management board - Owu ward 12

These are State appointments Abeokuta North got with 3 more aides  Ogunpola Damilola Damochee, Olamide Lawal and Adeyemi Azeez). No single person is here from Oke Ogun to represent their interest. Don't forget that our Assembly member is also from Owu.

The only Grace Oke Ogun is having in this current political arrangement is Prince Tunde Tella, the current Transition Committee Chairman and God forbid, if the zoning is not in favour of Oke Ogun, it means a whole Community comprising 4 wards have lost out completely in this current government. May God forbid bad things.

Importantly therefore, i am appealing to all the leaders starting from the 5 Apex leaders (High Chief Hon Adekunle Adeshina, High Chief Hon Fatai Bodunrin, High Chief Hon Bode Mustapha, Alh Hon Bakai Okedara and Senator Dr Lanre Tejuosho) and other notable leaders to please critically look at this unimaginable and unprecedented marginalisation of Oke Ogun people in the history of our local government by making sure that the zoning of the Chairmanship goes to Oke Ogun. This is the only way they can have a sense of belonging and truly believe they are part of this Government. 

I am not an Oke Ogun man, I am an Owu man but my Qur'an says i must stand up for Justice no matter what. Qur'an 4:135. Prophet Muhammad SAW also admonished us that if you see wrong things happening, change it with your hands, if you cannot change it with your hands, change it with your mouth by voicing out against it and if you cannot do the two, change it with your heart by not partaking in wrong doings, but that is the weakest of fath. 

Let us all do the right thing. 
It begins with me!

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