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Monday, 17 August 2020

MEET AYO ADESINA-The Bulldozer With Envious Qualities~NEWSEXTRA

By Olaniyi Tiamiyu

In philosophy, an attribute is an abstraction of a characteristic of an entity or substance.

Dictionary meaning defines it as a “quality, character,characteristic or property”. With this in mind, I have thought long and hard about the envious qualities that placed Hon. Ayo Omoinuade Adesina in the rapids of the river called politics-in and out of elections change as an achiever.
These qualities have been the base level of his attributes regardless of of his ideology, political, travel and or ethnic affiliation.

Idea driven, many wonder what has been working for the 2019 house of representative aspirant such that he never quits the political stage for a second in spite of the fact he lost in elections.

Hon. Ayo Omoinuade Adesina is a man with lots of ideas; ideas that drive him towards a vision.

A vision that he has put a lot of thought into and believes in. To him, a belief and commitment to his vision is vital.

His visions are often well-articulated and laid bare for the whole world to see.Adesina has ideas flying out from his head and these are drivers of his Vision.His exposure and experience in the global world has positioned him in such a manner that he devours information and have a pulse on global trends, and an active involvement in local ones earns him an unending relevance in the scheme of things.

He knows the value of an education (formal or informal) and always feels comfortable in the presence of members of the intelligentsia.
Ayo is a sweet talker with a very huge sense of humour. Charismatic to the point of being called a cult -personality; he has the ability to pull attention to himself and this singular attribute confers on him the advantage of disparaging groups of people, interest and motivation to listen to and buy into his Vision. The force of his ideas and vision (a mix-bag of his personal charisma) will stay with people long after they are no longer in his presence and engender a loyalty not to his person but to the ideas he proposes.

Hon. Ayo Adesina has a ruthless personality, it takes absolute ruthlessness for an aspirant in elections in a polity typical of godfatherism to wriggle through the Stiff opposition from political leaders as equally committed to maintaining the status Quo as he will be to changing it.
He is endowed with the mental aptitude to recognize these group of people quickly and never hesitated to either undercut their god fatherism as to render them insignificant in the larger scheme of things.

He is a man of his word; saying and doing exactly what he means. He is never known to say one thing and found doing another. He deals with allies and foes alike with a firm yet fair hand.

He is a hard worker one who can function at high levels for most of the day and who firmly believes in the value of a good day’s work.

He leads by example and has zero tolerance for members of his team or inner caucus who deviate from the path of righteousness. He is a responsive leader. There are times when he has to takes action that results in Collateral Damage politically. Although his ruthless streak allows him to take the right decision for the greater good, he feels the consequences of his actions within his very being which stands him in good stead for future difficult decisions.

Indeed and word, he is able to connect with and speak to the dreams and aspirations of a wide range of people. He places value on hard work and has belief in a system that rewards a certain input with a commensurate output.
Hon. Ayo Omoinuade Adesina is able to spot potentials from miles off. In people, situations or circumstances, the young honourable has the ability to recognise talent in people and use them; read a situation very quickly and react appropriately and; analyse prevailing circumstances and plan for them.

He actually seeks to encourage the people around him to reach for stretch targets and in the process develop their talents an enriching their experiences.

He is never afraid or threatened by people smarter than he is but actively count them either as allies or even as political opponents.

Above all, Prince Ayo Omoinuade Adesina is a strategic and pragmatic individual. He never compromises on his ideas or betrays his vision; he is practical enough to recognise when things will work and not work.

He will be willing to completely change his tactical plan if it will consequently benefits is overall strategy.

He is never afraid to admit when something has not worked and he takes the learning from each failure and uses it to build on his subsequent successes.

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