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Sunday, 30 August 2020

#BBNAIJA: Housemates That Might Get A Strike Today And Their Offenses~NEWSEXTRA

This week in the big brother house have finally come to a climax, and with the love eviction show coming tomorrow; Sunday, there are some talking points ahead of the eviction show.

The live eviction show on Sundays is never always about evictions only, sometimes big brother use the Sunday to address some issues that occurred in the house during the week. For example, last week, big brother returned on Sunday and punished the housemates for their misdeeds during the week. This might be happening again this week as some housemates might have gone against the rules of the house again, knowingly or unknowingly.

1. Kiddwaya; Yesterday, after big brother opened the fridge in the garden for the housemates, and they had barbecue, most of the housemates got drunk and lost their act for a while. One of these people is Kiddwaya, his microphone got spoilt yesterday and instead of fixing it, he was going about without using a microphone and talking. Prince later helped him to fix it haphazardly but he had conversations for a while without it. Considering some housemates got strikes for whispering and microphone infringements before, Kiddwaya might be in trouble.

2. Erica... again, Erica has 2 strikes already for whispering and you would think she'll be threading with utmost caution in the house, but she's caught up in a supposed whispering saga again. She supposedly whispered when she was talking to Tolanibaj and also, while she was talking to Laycon yesterday, the fans had trouble hearing what Erica was saying for a large part, and some were suggesting she is whispering. Although it would be harsh if she gets disqualified for that, but it is not impossible that it is considered whispering for her again.

3. Lucy; in a fresh different kind of trouble this time, after the housemates were given their superhero costumes tonight, Lucy openly expressed disgust at her own costume, and like the person she is, midway into the party, she went inside and changed her cloth to the beltway clothes they got. We dont know if this is an infri or not, but it is certainly not proper to change from the costumes provided midway into the party.

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