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Friday, 3 July 2020

Tijani Adetoyese Expresses Dissatisfaction With Rape Cases In Nigeria~NEWSEXTRA

The Chairman Lagos Island Local Government, Hon. Hon Tijani Adetoyese Olusi has voiced is displeasure at the spate of brutal assault on young lads in the last few days.

Speaking through a webinar organized by Ebonymediagist, Hon. Tijani Adetoyese Olusi condemned, in totality, the contemptible act carried out by roguish kites, stating that: " rapists must be named and shamed to serve as deterrent to others who may be contemplating the sinister act".

" Rape is a crime against humanity, a horror especially to women. It is appallingly how this horrific trend is growing globally. In most instances, fathers, uncles and brothers who are assumed keepers of  daughters, nieces and sisters, are the same assailants".

" To rape is quite incongruous, it is a trauma that the victim may never recover from regardless of heavy or capital punishment that the transgressor may eventually be sanctioned with". 

" To then kill a victim of rape by predators is homicidal and an act that is inconceivable. How both Uwa and Barakat were raped and gruesomely killed is heart wrenching to say the least."

"Though advocates for modesty in dressing have amplified the call for dressing responsibly as a mean to curb this vileness,  the case of Barakat has dispelled age-long belief that most rape victims are people who dress indecently. It is now clear that everyone, particularly females are susceptible to being sexually harassed".

The then Executive Chairman of Lagos Island local government recommends that effective law should be in place to  severely punish rapists after an accelerated trial. Tijani Adetoyese Olusi also added that women being the naturally closer to the children should form a stronger bond that would conveniently encourage their children and wards to report acts that could be inimical to their well-being.

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