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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

The Danger Of Fornication And Adultery~NEWSEXTRA

In the books of Peter it says watch your eyes against immorality . Job said l made a covenant with my eyes . You should make a covenant with your eyes that today l am going to give my eyes to Jesus Christ

Eyes here means body . Keep your eyes from looking to things that are impure . You can look at a man or woman but don’t have evil desire . You should watch your lips. The Bible says evil communication corrupt the heart . Always maintain a pure heart . Watch your dress code . Do not dress in a promiscuous manner . That is in a manner that will entice the next person . Do not dress in a way that will knock the day light out of a man . Watch your recreation and amusement . What films do u see and watch ?? What tv program do u watch ?? What about your reading habit???. If u are willing to stop this , Jesus will help u . He will come to your heart to guide you, teach u , give you strength and power to live a Christian Life . Watch your leisure hours .

Show me a young person in his leisure hour and l will show u the type of person he is . When David was idle , that is when he got into trouble . Keep busy and doing good things . A person that is following Jesus never know boredom . When u have Christ in you , He takes the boredom away . You can visit that neighbor who is sick .

You can visit the hospital to cheer somebody up . There is a person of other race that you can become a friend to . You can study your Bible take delight in the word of God .

Learn the scripture every day and meditate on them . Joshua 1:8 says , this book of the law should not depart from your lip . Meditate on it day and night . Are you doing so ?

99% of the problems we are facing today is as a result of immorality . God has greatness in our life or destine us for bright future but we have lost that greatness through the sin of immorality . Many people God call be to CEO of a company , minister , millionaire etc but we have lost it through this sin. When u commit sexual immorality you begin to feel the enjoyment but when the effect begin to come both physically and spiritually , such person will not be able to carry it.

If you have put yourself through the sin of sexual immorality , things never go well with you . You will keep failing in life .

Sexual immorality kills faster than any other sin . Why ? Because it is a sin against the body and God . This is because  you are the temple of God . A lot of things takes place in the spirit realm when this sin is been committed . It is a dead trap to destruction .

This sin destroy the plan of God in your life . Proverbs 2:19 says ,no body will enter the trap of sexual immorality and come out empty handed . The person will come out with repercussions and the rod of God . In the book of Proverbs , Solomon was a man who also practice sexual immorality and his kingdom was divided into two . He know the danger if it , that is why he wrote the book of proverb warning people about it . Proverb 6 :26–29, it ask a question .

Can a man put a coal of fire under his cloth and don’t get burnt ? It is impossible . The person you are committing sexual immorality with is somebody’s wife or husband . Verse 33 says such person lack understanding , and destroys their souls .

This sin is a vision killer . You may have seen your future very beautiful and bright. But when you enter into this sin, your future is gone .

Satan is using this sin to wipe out human race through STD . Spiritual law and logic state that what I have is what l will give you and what you have is what you will give me . If I have a demon , I will give u demon. If you have a demon , you will give me demon . You may say I go to church why things don’t move for me?

Know this sin is the cause. Most of our destiny had been buried in the pit of a woman or man . Most cases some of the men and women u sleep with are snake . Physically u are seeing a human being but spiritually he or she is a snake . If he or she appears in the form of snake u will not accept him . Please be careful. You will have few minutes pleasure and suffer forever .

David committed this sin and he was not the same again. Samson committed this sin , a strong man become grinding corn for the enemy . This sin lead to physical and spiritual death . When ever this sin is committed , your star is stollen and a curse is given to you . The worst part of it is , if that person is from marine kingdom , you are finished.

This is a story of a young man called Ruben . He was the son of Jacob . He was suppose to sit on the throne but one night pleasure , he lost everything and hinder him of his blessing . Genesis 49:3-4 . Some people are curse by their parents or other people because of the wrong life they live . When they sleep with you , they transfer all those curses into you . When this happen , you will move from bad to worst.

Thanks for your time . May God blesses you. If you need help please let me know to counsel and deliver you.

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