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Monday, 20 July 2020

Terry G Storms 'House Of Judah', BENO/BINO Foods Headquarters In the United Kingdom~NEWSEXTRA

It came as a surprise to everyone. No one at 'House of Judah', headquarters of BENO/BINO FOODS in United Kingdom had the premonition that Nigeria's artiste and Music Producer, Gabriel Oche Amanyi, Popularly known as Terry G, could make a surprise visit.

His visit came at a time Beno/Bino Foods, makers of Beno and Bino Mayonnaise in United Kingdom and across all African countries is making its mark as the sought after Mayonnaise, by taking the lead, while others follow.

As usual, the energetic artiste known for his originality and passion for what he knows how to do best, rendered a serenous song, giving Bino Foods a taste of what he is  known for, to the delight of the Director and Staff of the Organization.

Appreciating the visit of Terry G, the Director, CTS Ventures Ltd England, Emmanuel Amadi, showered Encomiums on the Producer turned Musician for finding time out of his busy schedule to visit the 'House of Judah', home of Beno/Bino Foods.

The Director stressed further by Company's inspiration, vision and goals is based and attributed to the glory of Almighty God.

"It is worthwhile and interesting to have a Nigerian music superstar visiting us, we really appreciate your coming and hope that we will create a mutual relationship and synergy for the growth of both parties".

Bino Mayonnaise stands tall among its contemporaries due to the qualities it possesses that has made it universally accepted, with the best manufacturing process that meets Western World accepted standards in production of consumables.

The quality of eggs used in the production of Bino Mayonnaise are free range, with no genetically modified organisms and quality assured. 

The 'Akpako' crooner, who had made his Mark in his chosen profession endorsed and embraced Bino Foods, for it's professionalism, quality and consistency, that has made it a household name and the leader among its contemporaries.

Terry G was once the sought about Nigeria artiste at home and in diaspora, due to his music content which distinguishes its style among its peers.

The musical maestro just release an album recently, titled;  “Omo Dada”. 

Omodada is currently available to stream and purchase across all digital retail platforms.

However, Terry G is often imitated but never duplicated.

The Product is distributed Nationwide.

For more information about the product, prospective customers, Clients, distributors and retailers can contact www.binofoods.co.uk, www.benofoods.co.uk.

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