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Friday, 24 July 2020

Covid-19: ‘Buhari Will Cry again, Ayodele tells officials to Pay more attention to  Buhari, Aisha’~NEWSEXTRA

Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church has told Aso rock officials to give close attention to President Muhammadu Buhari, his wife, Aisha Buhari over a warning that Covid-19 is still much around in the presidential villa.

He made it known that until a proper spiritual cleansing is done in the villa, the villa won’t be free from the poisonous stings of Covid-19.

In his words

 ‘Covid-19 is real, it’ still in the villa, Aisha should wake up, Buhari will cry again, if care isn’t taken, someone will still die in the villa, The President and his wife should be paid more attention’

This isn’t the first time he is making this warning, he had said it months ago before the death of the former Chief of staff, Abba Kyari, and some other notable personalities.

He generally said until God is involved in the fight against Covid-19, there is nothing medical agents would do that will overcome it.

In the same vein, He maintained that President Buhari has shown to be weak in fighting corruption and security. He explained that the President has technically folded his arms in the midst of several killings happening in the country.

‘Buhari is weak in fighting corruption, He is weak in fighting security, is Buhari happy with the way the citizens of Nigeria is being killed? He is not doing anything about it’’

He had earlier said Corruption will cheat the government of President Buhari if care isn’t taken.

‘Corruption will cheat Buhari’s government, if he doesn’t sack corrupt ministers, it will fight his government back, there is corruption in the military, if he doesn’t act on it, it will discredit his government, he should take corruption serious. There is also corruption in Judiciary, CBN, NNPC, if he wants people to compliment his government, these are the areas his government should work on.

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