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Thursday, 25 June 2020


The Cadet Association Networking Organization of Nigeria paid a visit to King’s Ambassador Habeeb Whyte on the 24th June, 2020 for his appointment as the Ogun State Legal Adviser to the Organization. The organization in their entourage had the  attendance of the Commandant of the  Ogun State command, Lieutenant Colonel Fatoye, Cadet Captain Idowu, Cadet Captain lt Abdulazeez, Special Force, Lieutenant Fashina Hammed, Cadet sergeant Afolabi and Cadet Captain Abdul Basit among others. 

The introductory section was said by the commandant of the Ogun state command, Lt Colonel Fatoye in which he appreciates the effort of King’s Ambassador Habeeb Whyte for his responsiveness when he was chosen to be their Legal Adviser. The cadet association networking organisation of Nigeria is a registered organisation that operates in three (3) forms which is the School, Youths and Community.
The CANO operates in schools within students as a process of checking all forms of malpractices and students who lots around the streets and also to maintain peace
It also encourages youths on self-reliance, discipline and courage. Presently, the organisation has provided over 200 security jobs for the youths. Lastly in the community, CANO operates as traffic controllers, sanitations and in maintenance of law and order.
King’s Ambassador Habeeb Whyte said he was very delighted to have them in his office as he wasn’t expecting such treatment. 

He expressed how glad he is to have seen youth coming up to do things themselves especially how they are synergizing. He spoke about how people react when they see men in uniform, especially how scared they might have been instead of them to feel safe around them.

He further stressed, saying it is time we start building our youths on security by reciprocating the responsibilities of the senior forces. King’s Ambassador Habeeb Whyte asked about the modus operandi of the corp, he spoke about not seeing them on programmes and he also asked about the need on what to do to make them more relevant because they seem to be more close to the people than other forces.

The commandant stressed that the association is a registered association under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and he mentioned that the association is not well catered for unlike other countries as he would want the association to be of strong values. King’s Ambassador Habeeb Whyte spoke about this being the first time he would be seeing Youths handling security issues in the country and which he is very happy about being a symbol of home for Nigeria. ”An establishment of a system like this gives hopes for the youths in our country because positions like this are mainly given to the old”, says the King’s Ambassador.

Cadet Captain Fatoki Abdul Rasaq commends the King’s ambassador on his effort and support. He assured him that he will never regret his action because the corp is a much disciplined one. 

The State’s Commandant also spoke about how happy he is with the king’s ambassador as he has long heard about him. He said the organisation is trying to set up a structure and age range because the organisation is mainly for the youths. King’s Ambassador Habeeb Whyte said he accepted all responsibility from the Cadet. He thereby pleaded to them to make him functional as he would love to work with them. Special force Lt Fashina Hammed also appreciates King’s Ambassador Habeeb Whyte for supporting them in ramifications as he also promise to make the availability of a cadet officer as an escort/ADC of the King’s Ambassador. King’s Ambassador Habeeb Whyte Esq happens to be the first Ogun Youth to achieve this feat. 

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unmute the video for sound