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Sunday, 21 June 2020


.....In solidarity with my friend as he recovers and resumes work

Julius Odinaka

When the doleful news of Ismaila Uba Misilli’s involvement in a domestic accident filtered in from the social media and through some of our friends in the pen profession, the immediate reactions were ones of shock and consternation, amongst us, his admirers, colleagues, subordinates and superiors in the media and political arena whom nonetheless  heaved sighs of deep relief and gratitude to the Almighty God for sparing his life as Misilli sustained injuries that thankfully were not grievous or life threatening.

This does not detract from the serious nature of the mishap as Ismaila, who is the Special Assistant to the Gombe State Governor on  Media and Publicity spent three days in hospital before being discharged with a bandaged arm and is presently recuperating at his residence in Gombe City while receiving constant medical attention to see him through physically and physiologically.

Indeed the fervent relief and unalloyed gratitude felt by all and Sundry at Misilli steady convalescence can be traced to his well worn reputation as an epitome of rectitude, integrity and standard bearer of truth, respect, honour, generosity, tolerance and compassion who is open, approachable and accommodating to all manner of persons, opinions and viewpoints geared towards transforming the society for the better irrespective of ethnic, religious , sectional or linguistic appellations or affiliations.

Uba Misilli's straight forward disposition is such that can be taken literally for his words. His words as the proverbial saying goes can be taken to the bank, his affirmation remains his affirmation while his reprobation remains firmly his reprobation; for the thoroughly principled  Misilli, there is no cutting corners, he is as straight as an arrow, no more, no less.

His confident, cheery and convivial disposition, can do spirit and sense of co-operation, tolerance and camaraderie among his colleagues and associates have earned him deserved respect, recommendation and deep seated admiration across the board even among those that may view themselves as his putative rivals or adversaries.

Many have compared his renowned character traits and personality ethics with those of his legendary political superiors including His Excellency, Governor Mohammed Inuwa Yahaya and former House of Representatives Speakers, Rt. Honourables Aminu Bello Masari, Dimeji Bankole, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal and Yakubu  Dogara whom he has had cause to be part of their media teams in the past or present time. 

Misilli's famed principals, especially Governor Inuwa Yahaya have been exemplified by their unswerving dedication to the tenets of truth, humility, perseverance, competence, public service and professional excellence in all positive ramifications. Indeed serving in the purposeful and result-oriented administration of Governor Inuwa Yahaya makes the work of Ismaila Uba Misilli so much easier as his sensitization and enlightenment of the people on governmental programmes dovetail with their physical appreciation of the infrastructural, developmental and socio-economic exploits of the Gombe State  government; a classic  example of the more you look, the more you see.

Ismaila has dutifully chronicled the grand strides undertaken by Governor Inuwa Yahaya in the crucial arenas of health, education, roads, rural and urban infrastructure, water supply, agriculture, manpower development and women and youth empowerment,  positively disseminating those gems of democratic dividends delivery to an appreciative Gombe populace who are increasingly locked in step with the transformative next level agenda of the Gombe  state government. 

The SSA Media’s task though made less herculean by the remarkable strides of his principal, is nonetheless painstaking as explaining the policies and programmes of a government no matter how beneficial or benevolent is still an uphill task given the level of skepticism, apathy and mistrust that have been built up in the minds of the people as a result of decades of maladministration, mismanagement, especially by the immediate past administration. 

However a consistent and coherent Ismaila Uba Misilli has managed to turn the tide in favour of a more appreciative and positively comprehending Gombe populace who have seen, heard and now believed that this administration is indeed working for their common good despite the paucity of financial resources at its disposal given the brazen embezzlement of funds and gargantuan mountain of internal & external loans left by the immediate past administration. 

However rather than dwelling continually on the past, the SSA Media has continued to harp on a more positive and forward looking notes, enlightening the people on what Governor Iwuwa Yahaya is doing for them and his plans for  the future rather than  endlessly traducing the errant foibles of the past. This media slant is not surprising as it is keeping with the cheerful, can do, Obama -like narrative of the congenial SSA Media who believes in traversing and surpassing new frontiers of human endeavor and enterprise. 

Undoubtedly, Ismaila Uba Misilli has elevated the lucidity and erudity of debate and discourse on key governmental policies, programmes and initiatives in Gombe State to a perspicacious and informed paradigm in which issues, perspectives & opinions are thrashed out with intellectual viguor and patriotic riguor without resort to parochial, primordial or defamatory posturings.

Indeed Misilli's fortitious recuperation is a safe assurance that the resilient public affairs avatar has many more fruitful years to render  to the Almighty God, his principal, Governor Inuwa Yahaya, the Gombe people and the nation at large.

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