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Friday, 12 June 2020

Covid-19 will still kill more politicians, prominent people – Primate Ayodele warns again~NEWSEXTRA

The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has revealed that he sees more prominent people and politicians dying of covid-19 complications.

The man of God made this known while empowering some youths weeks ago, noting it that what he sees about Covid-19 Is fearful because of those that will be affected.

He made it known that although people have died but there are still more people to die and they are very influential and popular people in the society.

It will be recalled that the man of God predicted the coming of the virus into Nigeria and Africa, and as soon as the virus came into Nigeria, as the man of God predicted, he revealed that the cases in Nigeria will surpass 10,000 and few months after he said it, the number of cases Nigeria has recorded is more than 10,000 already.

He had also said that in Africa, after Egypt and South Africa, Nigeria will have the highest number of Covid-19 cases.

He made a fresh revelation that the cases in Nigeria will surpass 30,000.

Therefore, he urged those in government and leadership positions to be careful and be prayerful to avert more death. He asked them to take  Precautions and that the government should fight sincerely fight the virus because he hasn’t seen any iota of seriously in the government in the fight against covid-19.

However, he insists that the government needs to open churches and mosques for clerics to pray together in order to give spiritual solution to Covid-19, since the physical solution has totally failed.

‘’Covid 19 will still kill lots of prominent people,  it wont go now and in Nigeria, We will get up to 30,000 cases and over 2,000 deaths

Government should open churches because they haven’t involved God, pastors needs to come together to fight the battle. Top Nigerians should be careful, especially people who are serving so that it wont cause more death’’

Also, he adviced whoever will be sworn-in as the new president of Burundi to pray seriously for his health. It would be recalled that Primate Elijah Ayodele, in his book titled Warning to all nations predicted the death of Burundi’s President due to health challenges.

It is worthy of being noted that most of his prophecies for this year has come to pass. Some of which include the death of President Buhari’s former chief of staff, Abba Kyari, the death of Aisha Buhari’s top aide, the death of yobe judge, the protest in United states of America, to mention a few.

He had said that the vaccine to combat the virus will be out but not soon and that it will be very controversial.

The man of God has also said that until cleansing is done in the presidential villa, death is still eminent

‘The presidential villa needs serious spiritual cleansing, I see the death of some special aides and top officials’’

Similarly, he hailed the lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwoolu for his efforts in fighting Covid-19 pandemic. He urged the government to take regulations of opening churches important .

Information also has it that the new edition of his annual book of prophecy, titled Warning to all nations will be out in July, alongside 10,000 fulfilled prophecies, which is no doubt a huge record for him because no prophet has ever done it in Africa

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