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Sunday, 21 June 2020

Blood Covenant: Lady killed herself after childhood lover dies~NEWSEXTRA 

A lady committed suicide in Nkoranza, Ghana after discovering that the love of her life was dead.

According to information retrieved, it was discovered that the lady identified as "Jenifer Agyemang" is a native of Nkoronza who was born in Kumasi Nhyiaeso in Ghana.

The lady who is 28 years old committed after discovering that her childhood lover who she had blood covenant with had died.

The pretty lady lost communication with her childhood boyfriend ever since she left for further studies abroad.

The mother of the deceased revealed that her daughter was the most intelligent and brightest student during her primary and secondary school days in Kumasi before she left for further studies abroad. The mother further stated that she was the best educated and outstanding child in their family when it comes to education.

According to reports, The deceased childhood boyfriend's name was Ancah Sarpomg Smith and both have been in love with each other and have been in a relationship since childhood. They were still communicating when Jenifer left for abroad till she lost contact with him.

The mother of the deceased admitted that she was aware that there was a sort of Blood covenant between her daughter and her lover before she left for further studies in the United States.

From the information made available, Ancah Smith was a diabetic patient and later died in July 2019, but her parents hid the truth from Jennifer because she was preparing for her Final exam for graduation, they couldn't tell her in order not to destabilize her studies.

On completion of her examinations, Jenifer return home on the 15th of January and went in search of her childhood boyfriend "Smith" who was already dead and buried. Jennifer's parents still couldn't tell her as they feel that Jennifer might have forgotten Smith since they are only childhood lovers.

However, after confirming the death of her lover from funeral photos and videos from the Sarpong Smith family, she broke down suddenly for days and eventually committed suicide at her family house last night.

The deceased dropped a suicide note before taking her life, it reads this: it read thus; " life is meaningless since she never marries or falls in love to another man due to the blood covenant she made with Smith right from her childhood days before moving to the United States to further her studies.

This is a touching story, love is indeed blind.

Let's hear your thoughts on this issue. Do you think taking her life because she can never fall in love with another man because of her blood covenant with her boyfriend is the right decision for her?

Or do you think her parents or family members didn't do much to help out when she was in a bad period?

Finally, What advice will you give to couples who still do blood covenant

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