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Thursday, 28 May 2020

NAPPS Celebrate Children’s Day, Urges Government To Complement Private School Owners~NEWSEXTRA  

The Lagos Chapter of National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, has felicitated with children on the occasion of the 2020 Children’s Day.

The association message was contained in a press statement signed by the Chapter President, Mr. Amusa M.T Olawale. Amusa charged children to work hard and be determined to develop this great country.

He enjoined them to be good ambassadors of their parents, shun vices and adhere strictly to Covid-19 preventive measures.

He said, “As we celebrate this year Childrens’ Day, especially in an Informal way, no thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic, a novel Virus that has taken the whole World by storm.

“Whatsoever the case may be, though there is lockdown, but our children are not lock up, therefore, we must celebrate them. Our leaders of tomorrow, please be reminded that our hopes are on you. You must hence buckle up to put in your best in moving Nigeria forward.”

The statement further said, “There is no other country that can be called yours. You need to work hard and be determined to develop this great country.

I wish to reflect most seriously on the lessons of the pandemic as children all over the World celebrate. It would be recalled that the virus caught the whole World napping. In this era that our leaders have not been providing the necessary amenities and have equally failed to do their bit in making the World a better place.”

According to the State President, It is pertinent that everyone adjust to this unpleasant but necessary trend of general restrictions and caution. He urged Basic and Secondary school children to join in fight against the virus. 

He believed that the Education sector has a big role to play. He pointed that the school whose role is to lead this crusade has woefully failed as the Noble Teaching Profession has become most unattractive for teachers in Private Schools. 

“The goodies inherent inthe sector are no longer being enjoyed by Private School owners. They treat the sector as if Proprietors, Parents and Teachers of Private Schools are not Tax payers. They are only interested in collecting Revenue from us, neglecting children from private schools who are also leaders of tomorrow as if they have another country for them.”

Mr. Amusa said that the National Association Of Proprietors Of Private Schools, being a partner in progress in this sector, has virtually been neglected. They have severally and collectively appealed to the Government to do an over-all review of the administration of Schools, so that Proprietors and Teachers alike will share in the dividends of Democracy which as at now is only being enjoyed by Government schools.

“Since Private Schools and Staff receive salary from school fees, apparently a lull in this sector at this time is imminent as Parents withheld the payment of their wards outstanding school fees.

“Request for PAYE tax holidays since staff and schools are on compulsory COVID-19 holiday. Suspension on all Levies and dues that are imposed by Local Governments and other Agencies of Government.

“Technical and Financial Support to Private Schools with the implementation of e-Learning to sustain the learning of our children during the lock-down and beyond.
Access to single digit and long term loan facilities from both Government established financial Institutions and Industries.

“Subsidise the cost of preventive items and machines that are needed in schools; Smart Disinfection Tunnel, Infrared Thermometer, Soap Dispenser etc.”

However, NAPPS commends the proactiveness of Government both at Federal and State in the Management of COVID-19 Pandemic. They affirmed that the sincere intervention designed to contain the spread of the diseases is markedly felt by all and sundry.

Finally, Mr. Amusa believes that aggressive quality education cuts across, and that will retain the progress of our education back on track. Present day education should therefore restore the dignity of the Noble Teaching Profession whose duty is not only to impart knowledge into our youth, but to inculcate such virtues as honesty, hard-work, godliness,  all of which have eluded us in moving our country forward.

“The Private School Owners who complement government’s efforts should be given their rightful place in the scheme of things if these virtues are to be achieved. Private schools and their teachers should enjoy equal privileges in terms of facilities, logistics and finance etc.

“Government at all levels must appreciate and support School owners as real Stakeholders that effect major roles in developing the Country through qualitative Education to Leaders of tomorrow.”

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