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Thursday, 21 May 2020

Is Primate Elijah Ayodele A Fake Prophet?~NEWSEXTRA

By Osho Oluwatosin

From the beginning of 2020, the event that kept occurring around the world has been entirely shocking. The new year was greeted by Covid-19 in China, Wuhan. It gradually spread its tentacles around the world and became a household name and a reason so many businesses have crumbled.

While in the midst of the virus, which has killed several notable personalities, some other disasters took place and it felt like the world is going to an end.

As it is said in the holy book, nothing occurs without God telling it to his prophets, just as nothing catches God by surprise, the true prophets of God never get caught by surprise in any kind of situation.

One of the leading prophets in the country, Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church, according to checks by us spoke about some of these happenings years before it finally came to pass. Several publications online published these things when he said them but it’s however unfortunate that so many don’t give attention to God’s word, rather, they wait till these things happen and sweep them off their feet.

In early 2019, Primate Elijah Ayodele predicted the coming of a deadly virus that will struck the whole world , and that there is need to pray against such. This was also contained in his annual book of prophecy which he titled ‘warning to all nations’

“There will be natural disaster in various region of the world, I forsee outbreak of diseases that will be an epidemic status, killings and attacked, world leaders will be troubled. Countries like China, America, UK will be looking for solution for such epidemic disaster.’’

Few months after he said this, the whole world started running around to find a solution to this deadly virus and till now, no solution has been found or vaccine.

Also, the man of God predicted that the Virus will kill several notable people, and the number of people that will be affected around the world will be more than 5 million. He also noted that the virus will not go away anytime soon and that the vaccine will be found but it will take some time before it will be found.

‘’Corona Virus is here to stay, it is not going anytime soon, I see it becoming an airborne disease, WHO and United Nations need to look into this, Government should start doing things to make the economy look better, I see Social Distancing persisting till next year. Covid-19 will cause serious hunger in the world, especially Africa. There should be three days prayer to avert more covid-19 death’’

Just as he said it, world health organization has confirmed that over 5 million people have been infected by the virus and that the virus might never go away. Hunger has caused a great deal in the world too.

In Nigeria, the man of God predicted that he sees bloodbath, fire incident in strategic government parastatals.

‘’I see bloodbath, windstorm that will displace so many people, lets pray against rain that will wreck havoc, lets pray against fire incident in strategic government parastatals’

As the man of God has said it, so many people have been displaced due to windstorm and rain, several government agencies have been raked by fire, one of the recent is that of NIPOST, there has been bloodbath too, one of the recent is the accident that happened on otedola bridge in Lagos, though the number of death are yet to be ascertained.

Similarly, the battle between United States Of America And China two years ago, and just as he said, there are serious fracas between the countries at the moment.

Furthermore, Primate Elijah Ayodele predicted the death of President Buhari’s close ally, Abba Kyari, the death of a chief judge in yobe, the death of prominent APC Member, Chief Sikirullahi Asenuga who died earlier today.

Apart from this prophecies, there are over 10,000 others  that have been fulfilled.

With this, the question on the realness or otherwise of Primate Ayodele should be answered.

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