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Thursday, 21 May 2020

‘I’m Undeterred By Negative Reports Against My Ministry’ – Prophet Chris Okafor

Founder and General Overseer of Grace Nation aka Liberation City, Pastor Dr. Chris Okafor, has said activities of mischief makers won’t discourage him and his ministry.

Dr. Chris Okafor who is unarguably one of the most criticized new generational pastors in Nigeria, is always in the news for one negative report or the other but, he has now said he’s undettered as he’s getting prepared for the next face of prophetic ministrations after the expiration of lockdown placed upon religious activities due to coronavirus pandemic.

The young and handsome man of God whose over 3,000 congregation auditorium sits on a large expanse of land at Ereke Street, Ojodu Berger, Lagos while reacting to various negative reports that has been written to tarnish his ministry said, “In life, nobody writes about a mad man. There are two sets of people. Nobody; they don’t write about them; the people in the mortuary and cemetery. Until you get to this stage of life, because the only place silence is observed is in the mortuary and cemetery. But as long as you are alive and touching lives, definitely, you are going to step on toes.”


Pastor Okafor said, “If they are not writing about you, it means something is wrong. My advice is, make sure what you are writing is not what you are doing. You write for the public, but the public can not be deceived when what you are writing is different from what the public is seeing. You cannot deceive them all the time, you can only deceive them a few times. So, anybody is free to write anything as long as what you are writing has nothing to do with what God has written, no problem.”


The pastor who was accused of staging miracles with different actors of recent, also added that, “Grace Nation aka Liberation City is a movement, not just a church. The more you write about her, you are only advertising us. Have you wondered why upon what they are writing, the church is still exploding in all ramifications. Does that not tell the man using his pen that he is advertising us? Please, let them keep advertising us, we welcome it all.”



Dr. Okafor said, “ I have a mandate. The mandate which God has given me is to add one billion souls to the kingdom of God and that is what forms whatever agenda we are pursuing. The mandate is so much. That is why you see us moving from one country to the other, in other to make sure we achieve the mandate of one billion souls and I’m proud to tell you that we have gone very far. God is also helping us to acquire more properties to accommodate the people coming from different parts of the world and from all works of life. Our Liberation TV has also been reaching out to millions.”

“I am undettered because I have a mandate. No negative report can stand on our way, mischief makers can only maker us bigger and better and stronger, they cannot pull us down.” He said.

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