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Friday, 29 May 2020

EDO Primaries : Primate Ayodele gives strong warning to  Obaseki, Oshiomhole~NEWSEXTRA

Ahead of the Edo state primary election in the All Progressive Congress (APC), the leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has issued a strong warning to the present governor, Godwin Obaseki, and the  national chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole.

According to the popular seer, the primaries will be a very tensed one and if care isn’t taken , APC  may  have two candidates at the end of the primary election.

It is worthy of being noted that there has been fracas in the Edo chapter of the APC which majorly bothers on power tussle between the governor and the national chairman of APC.

Days ago, the Oshiomhole group chose a candidate, Ize Iyamu, as the consensus candidate and he is expected to battle with Godwin Obaseki on the day of the primary election.

In response to this, Godwin Obaseki frowned at the development and stated that no one can stop him from returning as the governor of Edo state.

Primate Elijah Ayodele however told the governor that he should ensure he strengthens his group as he foresees he can never find favour in the site of the APC National chairman because he is ready for pure war.

‘’ Obaseki must strengthen his group, its going to be two candidates, if Obaseki wins, we should be expecting court case. After the primaries, none of the candidate with agree because they want to ease obaseki out, Oshimohole will play Lagos politics to ease Obaseki out, two governors may emerge in APC on the 22nd .  Edo Will scatter APC settings, Oshiomhole is bent on the issue of Edo, he is ready for pure war, Obaseki should buckle up’’

He also warned that in anything Obaseki does, he should ensure that he involves God and listen to instructions because he has a very good stance but if he doesn’t do the needful, the unthinkable might happen

‘’ Obaseki has a very bright stance if only he follows instruction and does all the needful thing, if he refuses, his mission may collapse, he should not take chances.

There will be a lot of gimmicks and plans that will be exposed the night before the election and on the day of the election, there will be fracas, violence in the place, there will be two different election result if care isn’t taken, obaseki should involve God in whatever he does, God wants to elect him but that is if he listens.’’

Similarly, he warned Adams Oshiomhole and his consensus candidate, Ize Iyamu. He made it known that if care isn’t taken, Oshiomhole will not be the national chairman in 2023 and that if Ize Iyamu is mistakenly chosen, Edo will be worse than it is.

‘’ If Ize Iyamu wins, Edo state will be worse that it is presently, he is not ordained to be governor but wants to be forced on the people of Edo state. , if they mistakenly put Ize iyamu, he should know that this isn’t church, something will come around. If Oshiomhole isn’t careful, he will not see 2023 as the national chairman of APC’.

He also warned both parties not to allow bloodshed because it’s not worth it although June 22 will not be an easy date.

Furthermore, he reinstated his prophecy for Ondo state primary election, also in APC. He made it known that if Akeredolu balances his equation well, he will come out victorious in the primaries.

‘, I am still standing by my word, Akeredolu should strategize well, Wale Oke cannot defeat him , only if Akeredolu doesn’t balance his equation well. On a straight line, without manipulations, Akeredolu will succeed.’’

Also, the man of God called on President Muhammadu Buhari to be active in his governance and take to prayer so as not to lose another aide. He commented on the chief of staff activities, maintaining that he will step on toes and some politician will want to frame him up.

‘Buhari should wake up, he doesn’t have a grip on his government, there will be crisis in Buhari’s government and he must be prayerful so as not to lose another special aide. Chief of staff will step on toes because he wants to change so many things, the politicians will also frame him up, Prayers need to be made so as not to see another death in the villa’

On security, he said the service chiefs need to be changed because they are one of the reasons we still have security threats by insurgence, once they are replaced, Insurgency will stop.

He stated that Nigeria’s economy is in shambles because the country is in big debt and that the government is only lying to the citizens.



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