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Thursday, 21 May 2020

Edo 2020: Be civil in your actions, Senator Alimikhena’s aide urges aspirants~NEWSEXTRA

The Special Assistant to Senator Francis Alimikhena on media Benjamin Atu, has appealed to aspirants in Edo State to adopt civilised manner as they jostle for the soul of the state.

According to him, “the ongoing denigrating of our National and State leaders in the media has not portrayed a good image about the State. 

“We must be aware that it is a contest and not a battle. Politicians must stop thinking that their control over others is divine. This method of thinking has no room in a democracy like ours."

He expressed dismay about the uncertainty in the State, saying that the State has never been so divided. 

“As stakeholders in the State, there are issues we must come out to speak about and take a stand for the interest of our people.

“Governor Godwin Obaseki should acknowledge the projects of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and not attempt to deny him his due place in the State. 

“Our own ex-Governor and  APC National Chairman should also accept that the Governor that he single-handedly gave to us, has also done his best.

“The incumbent Governor owes the former Governor that regard because he was part of the success story of the Oshiomhole's administration.”

Atu who is also the Coordinator of the Edo North Political Forum, said he is not speaking as an Aide on his official capacity but speaking for himself as educated elite and stakeholder in th State. He frowned at social media publications advocating that Oshiomhole  should be chased out of the State.

He insisted that such agitation was being taken too far.

“Just as Edo's would not want Obaseki to be chased out after his tenure as Governor, the conspiratorial plans to whittle the influence of Oshiomhole must be discouraged due to the huge sacrifice he has made for the State.

“Unfortunately, the ongoing struggle in the State will distort the economic development road map which Oshiomhole and the incumbent had earlier drawn for the State.

“This power struggle portents dire consequences for the development of the State because plans earlier proposed will be abandoned while new ones will be charted.

“The crisis in Edo has deepened in dimension and we can't seem to be helpless in such circumstances,” he declared.

The media aide maintained that though divisions shape politics in general but compromises make politics alluring.

“There was once an Edo State where cohesion, unity of purpose among political allies and collective commitment to the welfare of the people reigned supreme. It's not too late to restore our glory and return to the path of growth and development.

“The ongoing challenge has created favourable atmosphere for the head of government in Edo State on whose desk the buck stops, to organise a two day peace summit with the National Chairman of the Party, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, all former Governors of Edo State as well as all aspirants as guest speakers on the pathway to peace.

“Deliberate efforts must be made before the forth coming primary election, that's the only way to keep the APC as one after the primaries. The highpoint of the peace summit should be the signing of peace agreement during and after the primary election.

“This is needed and urgent because politics is replacing the attention we need for progress and the biggest causualty is Edo people.  We must think of a way to bring the APC together as one before the date of the primary election.

“If we undermine the need for peace, then we should also make provision for the outcome of conflict because whenever diplomacy fails conflict is usually inevitable,” he said.

While calling on the APC National Chairman to use his fatherly disposition and wisdom to handle the chaotic situation in the State, Atu said that “the world is watching and it behooves on all of us to prove prophets of doom wrong.”

He added that, “the axe of the APC is free to dangle among Edo Guber aspirants, but all interested aspirant should be given a level playing ground to test their influence on the field.

“It will be suicidal to attempt to stop an incumbent Governor from participating in a primary election with a threat of disqualification before the primary.

“To abridge the constitutional rights of an incumbent in seeking reelection will only increase insecurity in the State.

“Those who recently joined the party, no matter what they profess today, we must be mindful of whatever they can do tomorrow.

“The agitation for Obaseki to serve only one term will derail the rotation and zonal arrangement in the State.”

He appealed to all gubernatorial aspirants in the State to try as much as possible to caution their supporters and media handlers against unguided utterances.

“Rather than engaging in unguarded utterances, they are supposed to be engaged in explaining what their candidates would do differently,” he said.

He expressed worry over the tension in the polity on account of the activities of persons who were expected to show the light for others to follow.

“We all must not forget that this is not the last election in Edo State. If it's not your turn today, it will be your turn tomorrow.

“We must therefore not extinguish the State with tension because Edo will still exist after this election.

“Tenure and terms in office may come to an end but the State won't come to an end with the tenure of Godwin Obaseki. Our fears and agitations are therefore needless,” Atu said.

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