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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

COVID 19 LOCKDOWN; Comrade Adelowo Gives Back To The Masses~NEWSEXTRA

Amidst the biting economic situation, growing poverty and Lagos lockdown, some individuals still make out time and courage to dip hands into their very little resources whose inflow has been put on hold for about a week, to enable attend to the needs of the needy and less privileged.

You can take everything away from a man -you can never take his virtues away from him. Like the sage would say, _Charity begins at home_. Comrade Adelowo Idowu Oluwasegun is out again to alleviate the sufferings of the needy and less privileged in his community. The architect organised some relief packages which he distributed to people around Iyana-Ipaja community. According to him, _this relief stimulus was only done in a  bid to ease the apprehension of the residents of Jolaosho Adelowo and Oyebisi Streets, under Iyana-Ipaja CDA, during the necessary and compulsory lockdown of the State due to the rising spread of the New Coronavirus, otherwise called COVID-19 across the Country_. He said, _I cannot just sit back and watch people starve without a meal, for a whole day, like I never saw anything. My conscience will not allow me to rest_. He added, _it is not like I have so much but I believe even from the very little in my possession, a few persons can still benefit. I also believe if all average Nigerians could do same in their immediate communities, the pangs of hunger will greatly diminish. Though I, sincerely, wish I could reach out to every resident of my community, I was only able to contact the aged, widows and the innocent children._

He added, _I am appealing to all good Samaritans of Alimosho and beyond to give supports to the vulnerables around them during this trying period._

He also acknowledged the efforts of some individuals which have also been very commendable and inspiring.
He also sought the medium to appeal to the residents of Alimosho to observe the medical advice as given by health professionals to keep them safe from the dreaded pandemic. He laid more emphasis on the need for washing the hands regularly and also maintaining the recommended social distancing.

He commended the efforts of the government at both the grassroots and higher levels for their series of sensitisation campaigns and strong fight against the pandemic. In his words, _while I commend all our leaders for the tough fight against the outbreak, I do not only wish to urge them to do more and not relent but also pray God continues to enrich them with the right wisdom and the necessary resources to enable them combat this pandemic to a standstill in our land._

Finally, he urged the residents and citizens at large to obey the stay-at-home order, as he said, it is for general good of everyone of us.

The beneficiaries of this generosity commended and applauded the development. Many prayed for the young, seeking God's abundant blessings, protection and favour upon him and for his struggles.

Jolaosho-Oyebisi Residents' Association,
Adewale A. R

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