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Saturday, 11 April 2020

Aged Woman Offers Sex For Food In Abeokuta~NEWSEXTRA

An aged woman, Olabisi Kareem, has offered to have sex with anyone who is willing to feed her and her children or with a price tag of 500.

The woman in a viral video noted that her children have been living without food, a situation she was ready to end with sex .

The woman who spoke from Igbore in Abeokuta look pitiable.

She however offered to have sex in turn for food or N500 with anyone, stressing that, she might go into robbery.

The outburst might not be unconnected with the lockdown ordered by President Muhammad Buhari, to curb the spread of the pandemic coronavirus.

She said, ” I am ready to have sex to feed, yes I can have sex since my private part is still in good condition.

” Anyone who is ready to give 500 to feed myself and my children, they are yet to eat this morning and that is why they are sited there quietly, why can’t I have sex? What if I go to steal ?.”

When asked of the strength to survive sextual intercourse, the woman said, “leave that, don’t worry, I still have sex “.

Source: Platform times

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