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Monday, 9 March 2020

Woman Gives Birth In Ilorin After 10 Years of Pregnancy

Womans gives birth After 10 Years pregnancy, the midwife at maraba area Ilorin where Adeniyi Adebola gave birth confirmed the development, especially the role she played.

A woman who simply gave her name as Mrs Florence told Jaiyenews that the woman was pregnant for 10 years and was unable to give birth during the period, She said. Then on Saturday around 6:30 a.m i saw two persons carrying her to this place. When she came inside, i laid her down and told one of our Nurse to examine her, after the examination, i found out it was baby that was about to come out not worms. I asked her to pushed and she refused , the nurse gave her a hard slap on her laps since she refused to push, behold a baby with placenta came out, I started shouting and call other nurses to come and see them self that Bola was truly pregnant cause if not they will say the hospital gave her the baby because of what she has passed through, within twinkles of an eye the place was filled up with people, God is really wonderful.

Also speaking to Jaiyenews, Bola ,a single mum narrated her 10 years experience thus:

when i first took i knew it was pregnant with signs and test that confirmed that i was. four months later i went to the hospital for another test the results showed i wasn't pregnant but i had fibroid.

Subsequently I started to experience bleeding at least once a day, sometimes my stomach will portrude in semblance of pregnancy. I went to different hospital and i kept on receiving the Same result that nothing was wrong with but deep down i knew something is wrong with me.

So i was taken aback when a midwife told me i was pregnant. but considering the test which shows i had fibroid i was angry with midwife for given me what i thought was a false prophecy. thereafter, I started going from one church to another, from one native doctor to another, the results i got from all of them remain the same. I became feeble to the extent i pray to death to come.

I went again to midwife two years after and complain to her the pain am going through, she told me again that it was not fibroid but pregnancy, she told me to be more prayerful so God can deliver me from hamds of the devil, i asked myself if it was pregnancy why is the baby not kicking, i bought many concotion that they said could cure fibroid and drank them but to no avail.

This went on for years, then God took pity on me and decided to wipe my tears, On the day i gave birth to my baby girl, i thought it would be worms that come out of me not knowing it will be a baby. I became unconscious for about 15 minutes.

Consciousness i heard the cry of a baby, i was surprised and confused seeing my baby i couldn't believe it, so i named her miracle

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