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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Coronavirus; My Fear, and Our Country~NEWSEXTRA

The Coronavirus emergency started earlier this month, with the first report in Lagos State through an immigrant Italian, thank God he is now negative, and taking Amala as reported, sounds funny but not, down the line we now have more recorded cases both positive and negative, the isolation hub at Enugu as reported by the family of the UK returnee was a sham, this is just to show how really prepared we are, through out the 36 States of the Federation, how many Health Facility can keep victims of this Virus, in a Country where it's Doctors are threatening with strike actions. Thank God for Coronavirus, I am sure *He* planned traveling to UK for treatment, while our Health facilities here cries for help

Now that the kids and students are home, what way do they intend to keep them academically updated? In a sane society this is the best period to use the E- Learning platforms, do we even have, do our leaders have plans for the poor kids, like those in Baba Pupa Village, or the ones at Igbogila. I can remember the case of Opon Imo in Osun State, any continuation of the project, if not it would have been of use now, where students have syllabus for each subjects on to study with, but how can we keep up with such when data cost is high, high electricity tarrif, with inadequate supplies

We only follow societies, who had plans for their Citizens while we got nothing here, read something from someone not long how his daughter who is now home now studies via tablets given to his daughter and others to study at home by the school, after keen foreknowledge on how to use the tablet on her class activities by her teacher, all that is just REQUIRED is to link up via WiFi from home, and straight she is connected to her teacher and other students online, while her classroom continues from home even with the Coronavirus emergency

Our kids here in Nigeria will be left with no option than to wait till the classrooms are opened again, God knows when, what values are we teaching? Do we really have a Government that cares?

A friend far away in Philippines said the Government planned to give them stipends to run daily and food supplies, while same in USA with the announced 1000$, same for Canada and other planned Western States, all Nigerians got was reduction in Petroleum price, which is not yet enforced as dealers are not willing to sell at the new price tag. If I may ask, the said Billions spent on Coronavirus issue was spent on what? This is where we need the so called anti-graft agencies to help, what's the hope of common citizens who got no meals at home, nor funds to spend, lately we saw protest by some retirees, what will they live on if this lingers, due to the present restrictions..

I hope our Government will have a rethink on how they manage this situation before people turn out to the streets for meals, and cash support

In a Country where we are still battling with the payment of minimum wage, missing funds from NNPC, CBN, strikes, corruption cases by top Government officials etc, I hope someday we will get it right by electing leaders that truly cares

Before the Coronavirus issue, the Students in our higher institutions of learning had been home due to strike action by the Academic Staff Union in our Universities, I hope someday we get it right too, now the Virus makes it a universal strike and sit at home, these students will be home with no interface with the class unlike their mates in planned societies of the World, where their leaders do not just make laws but makes provisions before enacting laws that will affect the Society

The greed of our people too got no bounds,they increased the prices of Chloroquine which was said to be under clinical trail as a cure for the Coronavirus, must this continue? When shall we start to follow what we preach "Love for neighbors"?, Now an average Chloroquine sachet now cost 1500 to 4000 naira.
I will urge our people to be careful on drug use, and to avoid self medications, but adhere strictly with principles from our Health Agencies. 

I believe this Coronavirus emergency will help all of us to think ahead, to those who lost families and loved ones, may God continue to keep you through the grieve, and bless the souls of the dead.

Hon Olusola Olawale Obadimu,
Partner in Development, and Active Citizen.
From Baba Pupa Village, of Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State,

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