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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Okada and Tricycle Restrictions: Security Outweighs Convenience~NEWSEXTRA 

The Lagos State Government recently announced enforcement of the extant Traffic Law of the State, which has restricted the use of motorcycles and tricycles in certain parts of the State.

Whereas I support the partial restriction in some areas of the State especially the highways and urban areas, it is important that sufficient alternatives are provided to ease the burden of commuters, given the traffic gridlock that has recently engulfed the State.

Reports of robbery, violence, accidents and other social vices associated with motorcycles especially, cannot be ignored. The environmental impact of motorcycle and tricycles also lend credence to the restriction.

I therefore urge the government to provide viable and durable alternative means of transport so as to alleviate the burdens of the people that may be a consequence of the partial restriction.

The security of life is surely more important than the temporary inconvenience that may attend the restrictions.

I therefore urge that the restrictions be maintained and viable alternative means of transport should be provided to alleviate the sufferings of commuters.

Ebun-olu Adegboruwa, SAN
Lekki, Lagos.

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