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Friday, 14 February 2020

Kazeem Royal, A legend At His 40s~NEWSEXTRA

Lateef Temitope Owodunni

If I have the wherewithal, I would have better expressed my feelings of warm regards and respect for Amb. (Dr.) Prince Kazeem Eletu-Odibo by inserting a full book, wishing him a happy birthday and penning his antecedents instead of engaging in this minimal means of writing. Come Friday, February 14, drums will be rolled out and all media platforms will be shut down all because of Kazeem Royal. 

So, I ask for pardon and entreat you to accept this poor medium as your sacrifice for teeming poor masses for whom you are clothed with as the son of Gbadamosi who has a big heart. You have done quite well, having been an inspiration to many young ones including myself. At 40, your foundation came with the purpose to alleviate poverty and foster the economic and social condition of the disadvantaged in our society.

Your life has been an inspiration to many. From a bus conductor in a period of nine years without realising your family has a huge wealth, you rose to the top by dint of hard work and perseverance through the real estate sector. You have done a lot of remarkable projects in the sector and that earned you the City People’s Property Developers Award among other awards.

Today, you are a Nigeria man that has broken all barriers. An ambassador who also doubles as the Okanlomo of Yoruba Land. your empowerment to your fans on social media, people you have never met is laudable. I must confess, I'm a beneficiary of your large heart and that has prompted people of like minds which include myself to create a larger fans for you. This is a gathering of intellectuals who believe in your ideology. 

A theme struck me about your life and so many things it has pleased God to do for you. ALANU TALIKA. this may be hard to translate but it simply means your big heart to the lower class. You have made people and made lives a lot better through employment opportunities, philanthropic acts and talents promotion. The yearly Ramadan packages for people, the pilgrims beneficiary and the football competition will continue to be at the top of my lips.

On behalf of the executives and members of Kazeem Royal Fans Club, I wish you many more years in life. I pray that Almighty Allah grants all you need to continue to impact the lives of many more people. I will surely be writing again next year.

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