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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Insecurity: Rep passes motion for all service chiefs to resign

The House Of Representatives, on Wednesday, passed a motion urging all the Service Chiefs to resign over the increasing rate of insecurity in the country.

In the motion which was unanimously adopted by members after three hours debate, the House declared that the Service Chiefs have outlived their usefulness as they failed woefully to proffer solutions to the security challenges facing the nation.

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  1. The Service Chiefs has over stayed their welcome.Courtesy Buhari leadership posturing,in reflection of his Fulani,Othman Dan Fodio,conquering mentality.Unfortunately,it has outlive its inhuman purpose.One good thing,in it all,it reveals how,deeply weak Nigerians National Assembly is,in content and context.Maybe,until ALL non Fulani Nigerians,are killed by Fulani militias,will the world wake up to Nigerian Buhari tribal antics.It baffles sane mind,in how Buhari has gotten away with it so far,in a nation of sophisticated minds.The killings were ruthless,inhumane,unbelievable.He got away with it,as in other matters.God is watching,we watching God.DIVINE LOVE,IS DIVINE JUSTICE.ALL FOR GOD IJN UNTO HUMANITY.


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