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Saturday, 3 August 2019

Dignitaries to storm Abeokuta as ‘AYO OLOPON’ Competition hits 4th Edition

All is set for the fourth edition of the _Idije Ayo_ _Olopon_ as Dignitaries; personalities, including the number 1 Player of the game in Nigeria,  are prepared to storm the city of Abeokuta in Ogun state for the much anticipated grand finale of this edition taking place at the June 12 cultural center, Kuto on Thursday, 8th Of August 2019.

The competition which is an initiative of the Lanre Laoshe Foundation will be hosting 12 contestants from the south west region of the country. Two _Ayo Olopon_ champions each have been selected from Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Lagos, Ondo, Ekiti, to be part of the contest tagged ‘ _Oga Ota’._ 

It will be noted that some of the African cultures are gradually going into extinction and a game like _Ayo Olopon_ has been replaced with Chess game despite the fact that both games require the application of intellect and calculations, hence, this competition is a way of reviving the precious culture of Africa, most especially, the Yoruba traditional culture.

While speaking with the coordinator of the competition, Mr Kehinde Oladehinde, he made it known that _Idije Ayo Olopon_ started in Abeokuta before spreading out to the whole South West region of the country which shows how wide the competition has gone over the years.

He made it known that the convener of the competition, Lanra Laoshe Foundation has done a lot for the culture as regards the competition, stating that it has cost a fortune but the motive is not allowing the culture to die. 

He also posits that _Ayo_ _Olopon_ can be compared to a Chess game and with the emergence of the competition, not less than a million are playing it

‘’It is an initiative of lanre laoshe foundation, he has been able to do so much, it has cost a fortune, one thing about it is we don’t want our culture to die, it’s a game u can compare with the chess game, it is tasking, your brain must be alert all the time to play it, it is a game that naturally, put people’s brain into work, the fourth edition have exposed us to the fact that not less than a million people have been playing it in south west’’

He revealed that the vision of _Idije Ayo Olopon_ is to become a league and have a wide acceptance and recognition by Africans and the government.

‘’We are looking out to a day when we will have the _Ayo_ _Olopon league,_ our last one had BBC to cover it surprisingly. Some of the rules are not there but we are working that out. We have done a new counter which was made from local materials, we will be unveiling it at the final.’’

Furthermore , he advised Nigerian Youths to embrace that which is their own as it is the only thing they can be the best in.

‘’You can’t play football better than the creator, we won’t play basketball like the Americans, youth of Nigeria, the white won’t play Ayo Olopon than you, if we promote the game, we can also get into the Guinness book of record’


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  2. This is great news. Well done to the organisers. However, why is the journalist bringing shame to the profession? The writer used “u” instead of “you”. The name “Lanre” suddenly turned to “Lanra” at some point! There are other errors that makes one to wonder if editing/proofreading has become a crime in the continent! Phew!