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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

SCOAN, UK Experience And Promise Of Things To Come in Nazareth meeting with TB Joshua

WHEN Nigeria’s former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, after watching the June 1 2019 United Kingdom Emmanuel TV Revival held at the FlyDSA arena in Sheffield, he described the impact of the event as a blessing. It is obvious that none could have contradicted his position. According to him, “people have come from all over the world to attend this great event. I am so proud of SCOAN and my friend and brother, Prophet T.B. Joshua. They are doing a great work for the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ all over the world. This great son of Nigeria and God’s general is really making waves and displaying the awesome power of God all over the globe. I wish him and his team the very best on this great and historic occasion.” For the all representatives of the world that gathered at the United Kingdom for the event, it was a day of refreshing in God’s presence. Just as Fani-Kayode aptly described the founder and senior cleric of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) as God’s general, the demonstration of God’s power was not only seen but attested to by those who came and many others who watched via satellite.

The event which has been described as the ‘crusade of the year’ matched power with words. And despite the fact that the senior prophet was not physically present, his representatives, three in number, carried on as commissioned servants of God, praying for the sick, the infirmed, the abused, depressed with healings, deliverance and God’s touch of the miraculous following.  The event which had been slated to commence at 12pm had participants coming in their large numbers with every race represented. The venue was filled to capacity with an overflow three times bigger than the capacity of the venue. Many who took to their social media handles to express their views thanked God for his power and his presence. Michael Vashi, from India, said “I have never seen miracles at this range before. I saw the deaf hear, the lame walk, the blind see. I saw those who had been oppressed and how they got delivered. This could have only been God. I thank the Emmanuel TV team and Prophet T.B. Joshua for sending the evangelists and for the miracles that were recorded.”

For Robert Nath from Australia, it was a fulfillment of God’s promise. “What I saw could only have been God. No man could have done all these. I saw those who had given up hope about life. Their hope was rekindled. I saw impossibilities become possible. Problems vanished. It was the dawn of a new day. It clearly shows that God is still interested in the wellbeing of humans. It was the fulfillment of God’s promises. I want to thank all the evangelists that ministered and particularly Prophet T.B. Joshua for remembering the United Kingdom,” he said.

Florence Hathaway, from the United States of America, said she was overwhelmed by the things that happened at the event. For her, “the power of God came down, healing the sick, delivering those who were bound by the powers of darkness. It was a day never to be forgotten. This is God in our midst and we are indeed very glad that the power of God has not left us. The Emmanuel TV and the Synagogue Church of All Nations have done remarkable things that clearly show that they have the backing of the Almighty God.” At the event, after it was announced that Prophet T.B. Joshua would be visiting Nazareth in Israel, slated June 23-24th, 2019, for another life-changing ministration, the crowd went into a frenzy, with many describing it as an event that should not be missed.  Joshua Winterstrand, from Poland, insisted that all planes should lead to Israel for the event. “When I heard that SCOAN and Emmanuel TV would be holding a crusade in UK, I told myself that I would be there. I came believing and I am glad that God did not disappoint me. We have also been told that Prophet Joshua will be visiting Israel for a power-packed program. If what we saw in UK could be this powerful with only the junior evangelists ministering, we can only imagine the extent of God’s power that would be in operation when Prophet TB Joshua will be physically present to pray for the sick and deliver the oppressed through God’s power. Israel is blessed to have such visitation. The whole world will be watching. All planes should lead to Israel for that encounter. I will be there and I know that millions will be there for such encounter,” he said.

In her submission, Judith Golding said she was elated by the UK revival. “I was glad by the revival and clearly it is God’s way of telling that he loves us very much. It was a blessing for all who came and for the innumerable millions that connected by satellite. This is the fulfillment of prophecies given in the scriptures and we are indeed glad that we are witnessing this in our time. The Israel event will be greater than what we witnessed here today and we are confident that all who will come have great testimonies to share of God’s awesomeness and power. God has repeatedly proven himself through the life and ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua and we all are glad that the Spirit of God is in our midst,” she said.  While the United Kingdom still basks in the blessings of the June  1st crusade, the world waits with Israel for the Prophet’s visit later in the month, June 23-24th,2019.

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