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Friday, 24 May 2019

Nigerian Lady Discovered Her Boy Friend Of 5 Years Is Her Cousin

Social media has been buzzing with reactions following the now viral tweet of a Nigerian lady who revealed she discovered her boyfriend of 5 years is her maternal cousin.

While some cultures in Nigeria practice and encourage the marriage of cousins, it isn't something generally accepted by people.

This explains why Twitter user, @fina_fina01 has taken to the platform to express her hurt and disappointment after discovering her boyfriend is her maternal cousin.

See tweet below:

Confirming the fears of many people, she revealed that they have already been intimate with each other before discovering they were cousins.

See post below:

See more reactions below:

In other heartbreaking news, while some people have been lucky to experience the beauty of having the love of a mother, this Twitter user identified as @misspearlisto cannot relate.

She recently left many people stunned after sharing her heartbreaking story. According to her tweet, she was abandoned by her mother 30 years ago, shortly after which her father died and she was made to live with relatives. After several years, the mother still refused to come back into her life.


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