Covid19: Ogun Corper Writes Buhari, Calls For N10,000 Deduction From Monthly 'Allawee' To Produce Liquid Soap

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji 

A corps member, Adefisoye Adeshola serving with Ogun state with code number: OG/19B/07322 has donated N10,000 to the federal government in order to support the fight against coronavirus.

The corps member in a letter addressed to President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday said the rate at which numbers of victims of the coronavirus pandemic increases in the country grieves her heart. 

Adefisoye noted that, in order to support the federal government in curtailing the spread of the deadly disease, wanted the federal government to deduct N10,000 from her N33,000 monthly allowance.

She said the N10,000 would produce 1 litre of liquid soap for 100 homes in the rural areas in order to keep to the precautionary measures recommended by World Health Organization (WHO), and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to wash their hands. 

"I feel humbled to introduce myself, I am Adefisoye Adeshola, a serving Corp member batch B Scream II in Abeokuta Ogun State with state code NYSC/OG/7322, a member of the Servicom Vanguard CDS.

"It grieves my heart as a corper to see the rate at which the numbers of victims of Corona Virus ( Covid19' ) which are tested positive as it increases on daily basis in my country .

"In order to take precautions towards the spread of Covid19' admist the citizen, I am willing to donate #10,000 from my allawee, worth of Liquid Soap , 1 litre each respectively, which will go round to support 100 homes , inorder to keep to the precautionary measures recommended by World Health Organisation ( WHO ) and Nigeria Centre For Disease Control ( NCDC ) to wash our hands steadily.

"It's my pleasure to write and inform you as a patriotic citizen which obeys the clarion call as a corper in lifting our nation high with dedication and selflessness, my volunteerism act is defined in my own little way to support my country to fight the Covid19' pandemic matter arises."

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